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Purple Dragonfly

Purple Dragonfly by Gexydaf

The Purple Dragonfly at 1744 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma is a store of pure indulgence with nothing I needed and plenty that I wanted. It is full of lovely jewelry, decorative items and lotions. They had a grapefruit hand lotion that I really liked, but it was out of stock. Oh darned. I guess I’ll just have to go back!

Garden Sphere, Tacoma’s Organic Gardening Store

Garden Sphere by Gexydaf

I’ve been meaning to stop at the Garden Sphere for ages and today I finally did! What a lovely welcoming place. As I wandered around one of the workers offered to help me and I mentioned that it was my first time there. She said they change out stock every couple of weeks, so there is usually something new to see and that if I wanted something they didn’t have, they’d get it for me. Wow. That’s nice.

While there I purchased a lavender plant, something with a purple flower, a package of sweet peas and a candle. I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

I think my favorite part was the chicks. There were three sizes of them and they were all darling! I could just sit and listen to their trilling, chirping noise for hours!



Safeway on 6th Avenue


Today’s new place is the Safeway in the Highland Hill Center, 6201 6th Ave, Tacoma, (253) 564-7029


Store Phone: 253-564-7029
Store Hours: Open 24 Hours

Their website provides the following store details: Ad Region (whatever that means!), Bakery, Deli, Floral, Liquor, Meat, Pharmacy, Produce, Seafood, Starbucks, Video, Fuelstation, DryClean, Sushi Bar, Olive Bar, Digital Photo, DVDPlay Kiosk, Coinmaster, Jamba Juice, Adult Immunizations, Travel Immunizations, 24 hr PayPump, Wi-fi, , Home Grocery Delivery

So, pretty much is a somewhat larger than normal Safeway. The store was clean, had everything on my list and the check out guy was pleasant.

Rental information on the Highland Hills Shopping Center can be found here http://www.loopnet.com/xNet/MainSite/Listing/Profile/Profile.aspx?LID=16670837

Lowe’s for a little light


Although we are getting more sunlight each day, it is still too dark for me. We went to Lowe’s for a new bedside lamp and wall lamp for the living room. We are trying the natural light bulbs and so far they seem nice.


While we were there, we picked up a second hummingbird feeder and some bird food. With the cold weather, our feathered friends have seemed extra interested in the feeders.

What? Shoppe

Originally uploaded by Gexydaf

I had thought the new place of the day’s name was Juxtapoz because of the large sign over the door, but it turns out that the store is called What? Shoppe and Juxtapoz is an online magazine. The store is crowded with an interesting assortment of unusual merchandise demanding some serious browsing time. I noticed t-shirts, figurines, wigs, cards, posters, model train stuff and much more. This is a great place to find a present for a hard to please young adult.

740 Broadway in Tacoma


Jo-Anns for Crafting & Art Needs

Originally uploaded by Gexydaf


My dear daughter informed me that she needed oil pastels desperately and we went to Jo-Anns in Tacoma to have our craft needs met. I sent said daughter off with my phone/camera to snap a couple of photos while I waited in line to check out. This is the photo we both liked the best. 🙂

There are 29 Jo-Anns in Washington State and I guess that Spokane is the craftiest city because they have three!