A Mostly Vacant Lot

I’ve been meaning to stop and snap a photo of the mostly vacant lot in the 2100 block of Pacific Avenue. Today was the day. I put my lens through the chain link fence and snapped away. While writing this up, I thought I’d find some interesting story, but no, not really. Obviously there had been a building, most likely a house, there at one point and the current owners are both protecting their property and potential liability by fencing off the remains. But that’s about all I have. I’d also like to know more about the Bugeye ftb graffiti. I can find other references to Bugeye, but not the origin. Odd.


One thought on “A Mostly Vacant Lot

  1. Nite Stalker

    Bugeye is the new tag name for a guy who used to tag Trust No 1. He is based out of Bremerton but tags Bremerton, Tacoma, Olympia, and Seattle. He has a couple differnt styles. You’ll also see him up as BB. He is part of the fading away crew of FTB and newly joined DFS.

Good to see you here!