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Wards Lake Park in Lakewood

The city of Lakewood has 10 parks and one game refuge and today I stopped at  Wards Lake Park at 2716 84th St South. I found it by following small sign off of S. 84th Street. This 20-acre park is a little oasis in a relatively built up part of town. It includes Wards Lake, a fishing pier, playground, picnic shelter and trail system. The lake doesn’t look conducive to swimming, but it is great for fishing and is very pretty. There is a short trail that leads back to some picnic tables and benches. And for the younger set there is a nice play area. I saw children playing on the big toys, an older guy fishing and a young couple getting to know each other.

Lily Fountain in Lakewood


Ever since I read an article in the Tacoma Weekly about the Lily Fountain by Japanese American artist George Tsutakawa, I’ve wanted to take its photo! It is a lovely, mid sized fountain outside of Chase Bank at the corner of Gravelly Lake Road and 100th Street SW. The sculpture was constructed in 1964 and was originally installed at Pacific First Federal Savings & Loan at 1102-08 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. For the entire article go to:

Information about George Tsutakawa can be found here

Radio Club of Tacoma



Today the Radio Club of Tacoma was kind enough to host a bunch of us newly minted ham radio operators. While there, they offered us some hints on buying equipment and a tour of their clubhouse, which is filled with wonderful equipment, both newish and antique.  Outside is a huge antenna and several smaller ones too.


Lake Union Crew


This is the amazing view (notice the Space Needle in the background) from the Lake Union Crew Building at 11 East Allison in Seattle. It wasn’t until I was writing it up as a new place that I realized the entire building was a boat and moves around as needed! That makes it one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever been in! Here is somebody’s photo of it floating around. (Thanks znep!)

There were some great houseboats next to the Crew building and I’ve included a photo of them 🙂

The Lake Union Crew website is here

South Tacoma Farmer’s Market


It is farmer’s market season and there is one available for most days of the week. Sunday’s market is the South Tacoma Farmer’s Market, the newest Tacoma market and it is located on the corner of Washington Avenue and South 56th in the Heritage Bank Parking Lot. It is a bustling market, with produce, flower’s, informational booths and art & crafts goods. I especially enjoyed the musicians playing.


Chickens are Beautiful!

Saturday we happily went on the Urban Chicken Coop Tour, organized by Garden Sphere in the Proctor District.  I’m considering the tour one large place!  We managed 8 or the 9 stops on the Tacoma tour and were so impressed with the graciousness, knowledge and openness of the owners and the good looks of the urban chickens!  While we don’t qualify for chickens ourselves because of our two terriers, I can certainly see the appeal.

The 21st Street Bridge

The 21st Street Bridge connects downtown Tacoma with the Port of Tacoma and is part of SR 509. The cable stay bridge was constructed in 1996 to replace the 11th Street Bridge (the Murry Morgan Bridge).

I was under the bridge (on the wrong side in this photo!) to attend an arts gathering which was fire dancers at the featured entertainment. How fun is that? Flair’s website is here:

Legendz is Open This Beautiful Day


There are two fast food places in Tacoma that I would travel to if I really had a craving for a burger and one of them is Legendz at 1201 South Sprague. It is exclusively a drive through with no indoor seating, though there are a couple of tables on the side of the building. For fast food, it is slow. That’s because they are actually waiting until one orders to make it. The burgers are really big and very tasty and thankfully they don’t publish the calorie count! Dear daughter had the fish burger and said it was also really good.


C.I. Shenanigan

C.I. Shenanigan

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A few at a time, our group arrived at Shenanigan’s at 3017 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA 98402. Just about the time we thought everyone had made it, another showed up! And to his credit, our wait person took it all in stride! My only complaint about the restaurant is that so much of the menu looked so good. And judging by our group of 13, it was all as good as it sounded! For me this is a once in a while kind of treat, but it was a great way to kick off the summer season (even though it was too chilly to sit on the deck!).

Shenanigan’s has been around since 1983 and there are two other locations, one in Spokane and the other in Boise, ID.

Beach Tavern


I’ve been to The Beach Tavern at 8612 6th Avenue once, a while back and remember enjoying my burger. It is the kind of place that is comfortable and has been around forever (since 1934). On side wall is a charming mural showing the nearby rail line.  The tavern’s setting, near Titlow Beach, is beautiful.