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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010

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Heavy, warm coat – check
Hat – check
Gloves – check
Scarf – check
Camera – check
Daughter + Friend – check
First Night Tickets – not yet, but I’ll get them there

Today’s new place will be First Night 2010/2011, but I won’t get around to posting new photos until tomorrow. Happy New Year everybody!

Beyond the Bridge Cafe

2010 was a good year for new coffee houses in Tacoma. One of the best is Beyond the Bridge Cafe at 2717 6th Avenue Tacoma, WA 98406 – (253) 572-9199. My dear daughter and I went thinking at first that it was at the west end of Sixth Avenue near the Narrows Bridge, but it was more towards the center/east end of Sixth. It had a unique art/coffee house feel with plenty of big comfy chairs. A different art bird was painted on to each of the tables and the wall also had a mural. This is the kind of place people come with their laptops and settle in for a while. The art on display made it all the more interesting and was reasonably priced.

We ordered a latte for me, a vanilla Italian soda for the teen and a full monty bagel sandwich minus the bacon to share. They forgot the drinks, but felt bad about it and not only gave us our drinks but a get two free card. In addition to coffee, they offer wine and beer. The sandwich was very tasty and so were the drinks once they arrived.

Note:  I’m sad to say that Beyond the Bridge Cafe closed its doors on May 14, 2011.

Quirky and Tasty – Waterfront Pizza in Port Townsend


Waterfront Pizza

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Because I was traveling, I missed recording a new place of the day on Tuesday. But we went to Waterfront Pizza in Port Townsend for lunch and it was a treat. The two of us had a small pizza and I had a side salad. Pretty much what they have is pizza, basic salads and assorted beverages (beer, wine, soda). The Yelp reviews sometimes complain about the service, but our server was great!

The main level store front area is very tiny and used as a kitchen and a place to buy a slice. The upper level is a small traditional restaurant of about six tables.

951 Water Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368-5732
(360) 385-6629

Port Townsend Historic District

We got out of town for a day in Port Townsend. Of course, Port Townsend is a fully functional city with grocery stores, gas stations and medical offices, but it is their historic district that is exceptional. Per (see below) “Port Townsend is cited as one of only three National Victorian Seaports on the National Register of Historic Places (along with Galveston and Cape May, NJ) and is the only one on the West Coast”. Considering its excellent harbor, Port Townsend was going to be the northwest terminus of the railroad lines. In anticipation of the rail coming, many lovely Victorian residences and commercial buildings were constructed. But then the depression arrived and the rail was not extended and the town languished. Now it is a destination spot, combining the natural beauty of the bay and nearby Olympic Mountains with the appeal of the historic buildings. There is an abundance of interesting stores and restaurant. I’m sure that later I will make individual places my new place of the day, but today it is the entire downtown historic district.,_Washington

New Glasses@Pearl Eyecare Center

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Today was all about the practical. I needed to order new eyeglasses before my benefit went away. I went to a new place for me, Pearl Eyecare Center near the Tacoma Mall. My husband has been going there for years and said they would treat me right. He was right! They spent the time I needed and actually understood how the insurance worked. I ordered two pair. The top pair have a little design on the frames and will be sunglasses. The bottom will be my day to day pair, when I’m not wearing contacts.

2505 S 38th St # A108
Tacoma, WA 98409-7372
(253) 472-1188

I would donate my older pair to charity, but my dog ate them! Rotten dog.

Tacoma Christmas Tree

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On the way home from the almost last holiday gathering my family stopped to admire the City of Tacoma’s holiday tree in front of the Pantages Theater. We also tool a quick peak at the art displayed in the windows across the street. It was a lovely Christmas for us and I hope the same is true for all of you. Peace.


Holiday Lights

I forced my daughter out in the dark and rain today to visit today’s new place of the day. But that was alright because I knew what I wanted to visit, the bush lite up like a holiday dragon across the street from the public library. It is always glowing merrily except I guess on Christmas Eve. So I clicked a couple of photos of the nearby neighborhood. I’ll try the holiday dragon again soon.


Ruby Tuesday, one choice for the holidays

Ruby Tuesday

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Today we went to see the Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D My dear daughter and I had recently rewatched the first two movies in the series and were looking forward to this recent installment. We really loved it. Much of the movie was set on the ship and the visuals of the sea were stupendous.

Anyway, we had 30 minutes to eat lunch. My dear daughter gets rather grumpy when not feed, so it was important to eat. While large chain restaurants are not our first choice, it was Ruby Tuesday or a Sports Bar and Ruby Tuesday was the clear winner. We had an appetizer each (a single crab cake for me and spinach dip for her) and also sodas. With the tip, it came to $30, which seemed kind of expensive. The food was good, but not that special. Service was pleasant and understanding about our short time frame.

There are 890 Ruby Tuesday locations, including several overseas spots (Chile, Iceland, India, Egypt, Hong Kong, and more). The original restaurant opened in 1972 in Tennessee. The chain is named after the Rolling Stones song.
Update 12/12 Both this Ruby Tuesday and the one in University Place have closed.

Swan Creek Library will be closing

As of January 31, 2011, Tacoma Public Library System will have eight locations instead of its current ten. Both Swan Creek Branch and M.L. King, Jr. Branch will be closed. The main branch will also have its hours reduced from 66 to 54.

Swam Creek is the smallest of the libraries and shares its space with Tacoma Community House, which runs a literacy center for the local population. Per the library’s website, Tacoma Community Center has significant experience working closely with persons with little or no English language and comprehension skills, or without significant education experiences. Classes include English as a Second Language and computer skills. The library has an expanded foreign language materials selection and bilingual assistance is available in Russian and Cambodian, as well as Spanish and Vietnamese upon request. The door count (patrons entering the building) was over 4,000 in November, the last full month available. Many of the patrons walk to the branch and will soon need to take one or more buses to reach the next closest branch. It is true that Swan Creek had the lowest circulation statistics, which makes sense since they also had the smallest collection size.

Library materials and equipment from this branch will be redistributed to other branches, but the fate of the building and the Tacoma Community Center lease remains unknown. Although the building was built in 1989, there is deferred maintenance.

The closing of these two branches made me think of this Asimov quote. “When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.”

More info about the Martin Luther King Library closure can be found here

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library is Closing

Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art

Ever since one of my Flickr friends posted a photo of a lovely pair of earring that he purchased at Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art in downtown Olympia, I’ve been wanting to try it out. The place has two components, the store and the restaurant but there is an easy flow between the two. We ordered our delicious and filling paninis at the counter and the staff brought them out to us. Afterward we shopped a bit and I purchased a green hat that I love and some dead sea salt soap. What struck me about both the store and the cafe parts is how happy every one seemed to be, both the employees and the customers. I’m sure we’ll be back 🙂

Their website is here

An explanation of the concept of Fair Trade is here