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Moon over QFC

I went to a late Holiday Party last Friday and dashed into the QFC at 4101 49th Avenue Northeast
Tacoma (Brown’s Point) for a goodie to bring.They really have a great bakery. I picked the yellow cake on the bottom row, third from the left and it was as good as it looked! This appears to be the only QFC in Tacoma, with other locations including Gig Harbor and Parkland. The chain is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and has about 75 stores in the Puget Sound area. Kroger required the chain in 1998, though QFC has maintained its own identity.

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The Bead Factory for your beading needs

When I saw that the Bead Factory on Sixth Avenue had closed, I thought I had lost my chance to visit. But they had just moved to 5705 N 26th Street, Tacoma, WA 98407. I actually just went in for some of those little plastic things that goes in the back of pierced earrings so they don’t fall off (what are those things called?!).

They store was bustling with lots of happy looking women and one guy. In addition to a traditional retail store, they have classes and parties and mail order. I even joined their club for $3.00, which gives me a $10 store credit after I spend $100 and gets me on their mailing list. I just might go to one of their Saturday night beading parties! Stranger things have happened 🙂

The Bead Factory’s Website is here:

Their Facebook page is here:



Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010

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Heavy, warm coat – check
Hat – check
Gloves – check
Scarf – check
Camera – check
Daughter + Friend – check
First Night Tickets – not yet, but I’ll get them there

Today’s new place will be First Night 2010/2011, but I won’t get around to posting new photos until tomorrow. Happy New Year everybody!