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Dolce Si at Point Ruston

image Dolce Si Bakery and Gelateria  in the Point Ruston Complex opened in November 2015 and I’ve been itching to go visit.  I finally got there and altogether it was a good experience. The space is charming and the counter person was delightful. I got my pastries to go and enjoyed them at home.  It was very busy while I was there and good for them! My only tiny wondering is why they didn’t have a pitcher of 1/2 and 1/2 for customers to doctor their to-go coffee. Instead they had flavored coffee creamers, which to me didn’t fit with the otherwise classy feeling of the place.  I’m sure Ill be back to checkout additional pastries and some of the house made Gelato.  The local newspaper, the News Tribune recently said that Dolce Si was one of the best restaurants to open in 2015.

More information can be found here.

Right near by Dolce Si I would some darling otter sculptures. The single one is right outside the cafe and the mother/child is in the traffic circle.


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Cinnamon Bread at Bakery Outlet

Entenmann’s Oroweat Bakery Outlet Store at 5401 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406. has some great products and excellent prices. I stopped in and picked up some potato bread, pretzels and cinnamon bread.

Oroweat (which I always thought was spelled Orowheat) has a website with recipes here http://oroweat.com/

And Entenmann’s  has a website with recipes here http://www.entenmanns.com/



Moon over QFC

I went to a late Holiday Party last Friday and dashed into the QFC at 4101 49th Avenue Northeast
Tacoma (Brown’s Point) for a goodie to bring.They really have a great bakery. I picked the yellow cake on the bottom row, third from the left and it was as good as it looked! This appears to be the only QFC in Tacoma, with other locations including Gig Harbor and Parkland. The chain is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and has about 75 stores in the Puget Sound area. Kroger required the chain in 1998, though QFC has maintained its own identity.

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Pierogies at the Russian Market in Tacoma

About 16 years ago I tutored a lovely woman from Russia in English. We worked together a couple of years and while we were fairly different we really got along. Towards the end of our time together she had her 10th child and her husband left her to return to Russia.

I remember one holiday season I was given about 10 passes to zoolights. I had the brain storm that it would be fun to take my friend and her nine (at the time) kids and I would buy the tickets for me and another friend. I told her there was no cost, but because of our language differences didn’t even try to explain that somebody had given me complimentary tickets.  When we met up at Zoolights, I was surprised to find that my Russian friend had indeed brought her nine kids, as well as her folks, her sister, her sisters six kids and maybe a few more.  Ummm. I really didn’t have the funds to cover that many and they sure didn’t either. So we sent the large Russian contingency in first with all the tickets that we did have. They handed over the tickets and the poor zoo worker started counting them and counting the crowd (all of whom were jabbering away in Russian) and then the zoo worker threw up her hands and ushered everybody in! Problem solved.

All of this came back because my dear daughter informed me yesterday that she had to have pierogies for dinner. Her father had recently introduced her to pierogies and she really took to them! And apparently the pierogies at the the Russian Grocery were the very best.  The Russian Grocery Store’s real name is Friendly Foods and it is located at 3612 Center St #B in Tacoma. It is the size of a large convenience store and is stock full of foods imported from Russia. Most of the customers and workers were speaking Russian (which is what reminded me of my friend!).  I picked up three types of pierogies, though there were probably another eight types there — mostly meat, but also a black cherry. The store included a wonderful bakery case and a deli.

German Pastry and Coffee Shop in Lakewood

The German Pastry and Coffee Shop at 6108 Mt Tacoma Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 is not the same thing as Hess Bakery and that confuses me. They both specialize in German Food, but have different strengths. Both of them are located in a brick building is known as European Square. Each of them has a sign on their door that says they are not affricated with the other. Well, OK. I’ll just go back and do Hess Bakery some other time.

The German Pastry and Coffee Shop has display cases and metal racks for tasty treats. I got two bags of cookies and two pieces of pastry, all for takeout. What I tasted at home was yummy. Maybe next time we’ll have lunch. I love the décor. There is one almost full wall mural of an alpine scene and many large jigsaw puzzles that have been framed.


Wagner’s Marketplace Bakery

It is a rare photo of Wagner’s at the Olympia Farmer’s Market without any customers. Usually there is a crowd of folks picking out their favorite treat. Service is always friendly and fast and the bakery items are amazingly good!

Wagner’s website can be found here:


Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co.

Days when everything goes right deserve a treat, so dear daughter and I stopped at a new to us place in Freighthouse Square called Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co. We shared this wonderful, still warm cinnamon bun and half was plenty. Next time we’ll go for dinner or lunch and try the crepes!


Ha!  Nobody has ever accused me of being cutting edge, but two days after we were there the Tacoma News Tribune reviewed this restaurant 🙂


Update June 2013: Sadly when I stopped by this week to buy a pie, Season Delights was gone. It appears that they vacated the space in April or May.


Corina’s Bakery

It must be a weekend for going to nice bakeries, because today’s new place is Corina’s Bakery at 510 6th Avenue in the Merlino Art Center Building. It is a wonderful bakery with cakes, cupcakes, scones, coffee drinks, etc. There are tables and a saw folks visiting, knitting and working on laptops.


Here is a great article about the bakery.

The building was constructed in 1924 as an Odd Fellows Hall. If you want to see a photo of the building from 1977, look here:



Affairs Cafe & Bakery

Today the ladies and I lunched at Affairs Cafe & Bakery and listened to a great program about the Broadway Center. I’ve been coming to Affairs on occasion for years and remember when they had a fire in October 2000 that closed them for some time. They are justly known for their truffles, cheesecakes, catering and delicious breakfasts and lunches.

Oh, and I also included a photo of a cool dinosaur that we discovered today!

2811 Bridgeport Way W # 15
University Place, WA 98466-4602
(253) 565-8604


4/2013 Update On March 16, 2013 Affairs closed. The owner, Gay, retired. Good for her, but I’ll miss the place! The opened on 12/10/1985.