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The Ugly Bean

The Ugly Bean at 919 North 2nd Street in the Stadium District is fun. The drive through window guy had a big smile and my iced Americano was really very good.  I was a tad worried about going through the drive through since it looked like the exit was at a weird angle, but it really was no problem. After reading their Yelp review there are a couple of things I’d like to go back and try.

Espress O Yourself

The first full day back at work for a while called for a treat. But not caffeine because it was too late in the day. Espress O Yourself at 1009 Regents Blvd at Alameda Ave in Fircrest, won me over with a strawberry lemonade smoothie that was very delicious! I went in instead of taking advantage of the drive through lane.  While waiting for my drink, I munched on a couple of free chocolate covered espresso beans. Espress O Yourself (love that name) is more than a coffee shop. They serve a light breakfast and lunch and have indoor and outdoor seating.


Organic Herbs & Spices, Plus Organic Espresso

Organic Spice

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Today’s new place is the recently (maybe today) opened Organic Herbs & Spice Plus Organic Espresso. Located at Organic Spice Traders, 1127 Broadway Plaza, Suite 101, Tacoma, WA 98402. The owner is a nice guy and makes a very tasty organic Americano! The store features a wide variety of spice and herbs as well as the espresso stand.  There are also some tables to sit and relax.  While I was there I bought a small packet of cinnamon, which I’m sure will be tasty in my morning oatmeal. It is nice to see an interesting new business open up in downtown Tacoma and I wish them well.


Update, my daughter told me that the store is closed now. Makes me sad!


Auto Lube and Espresso

On Thursday, I stopped for an oil change at Auto Lube and Espresso at 1202 S 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98418.   The Auto Lube always take about 10 minutes and they always do a good job.  While waiting I went over to the onsite coffee kiosk for an iced tea.  They serve coffee from the locally based (Sumner) Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co.

Days when everything goes right deserve a treat, so dear daughter and I stopped at a new to us place in Freighthouse Square called Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co. We shared this wonderful, still warm cinnamon bun and half was plenty. Next time we’ll go for dinner or lunch and try the crepes!


Ha!  Nobody has ever accused me of being cutting edge, but two days after we were there the Tacoma News Tribune reviewed this restaurant 🙂


Update June 2013: Sadly when I stopped by this week to buy a pie, Season Delights was gone. It appears that they vacated the space in April or May.


Hazelwood Road Gourmet Coffee

I knew it was going to be a long day at work and I thought I’d treat myself to an Americano. So I stopped at Hazelwood Road Gourmet Coffee and Car Wash on Sprague Avenue. I was a tad grumpy that it took so long, but to their credit somebody came outside to take my order and they didn’t charge me! And it really was a good cup of coffee. So all my complaints went away and I’ll be back.

Bella Latte

Bella Latte

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My goal for today’s new place of the day was to find an espresso cafe that wasn’t Starbucks. So my dear daughter and I stopped at Bella Latte. They had excellent coffee, an out of this world Bella Bar, great customer service and a lovely decor. I will certainly be back and next time we’ll try lunch! It was a lovely reward for getting our flu shots.

Black Bear Yogurt

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 8520 Steilacoom Blvd., Lakewood, WA 98498


The new place of the day quest was a good excuse for visiting the Black Bear Yogurt and I’m sure glad we did. It was great. I had the peanut butter banana with chocolate sprinkles, my dear daughter had the chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and the husband had raspberry in a cone. They also had praline, vanilla and Euro Tart. They always have six flavors at a time and change about once a week. It was a really nice space with a fireplace and whimsical carved bears.