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Snowman at Noel’s House of Bricks

11413153073_1e7da25d2d_hNoel’s House of Bricks at Freighthouse Square has a darling snowman in their window. The space is at 2501 E D st Tacoma Wa #46 and they recently opened for business. I was there just before the center closed and House of Bricks wasn’t open, as they clearly stated on their Facebook Page. This is their second location with the first being in Olympia.


Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade

9093885598_3aaf02b973_bPip and Lola’s Everything Homemade in Freighthouse Square, 430 East 25th Street, Suite 40 is full of quality handmade items — clothes, soaps, art, etc. I went to visit to pick up some of their great soap which they make right there. When I checked in with FourSquare, my phone chirped at me that I’d earned a bonus and I was pleased to receive a darling heart shaped rose scented soap 🙂 Their Facebook Page is here.


Great Mural at Crystal Voyage

There is a great mural on the exterior wall of the Crystal Voyage building at 2601 East D St #201, Tacoma, WA 98421. It is a stone mural triptych created by Macy Jewell, Jody Bergsma and Crystal Stone, the last of whom was kind enough to tell me about it. The elements of this mural form a story for those with “eyes to see”. The mural has many stories to tell, including the elements, native American legends and the Vitruvian Man.


I remember when I enjoyed Crystal Voyage in its Freighthouse Square location, but their current space is especially nice, roomy and full of delightful merchandise. I purchased some trinkets. Really, I need to come back here more often!


City Blocks for Serious Fun

Yesterday I stopped at Freighthouse Square for dinner before I went off to a class. While there I stopped at City Blocks, which is at 440 East 25th Street, Suite 46, Tacoma WA 98402. Their facebook page says that they are the “The world’s only public LEGO Commercial Art Studio”. Indeed when I visited they were happy to show me the Lego custom pieces they were working on and they were pretty cool! More info can be found on their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/cityblocks


The Giving Place

The Giving Place has been in Freighthouse Square since 1997. Fifty percent of their net profits goes to local people in need. The store has gifts, snacks, cards, lottery tickets and much more.

January 2013 Update: I was sad to see that The Giving Place was gone. They had been there so long, it was a tad shocking to see the space occupied by a different tenant.

February 2013 Update: The Giving Place lives! It’s just down at the other end of Freighthouse Square. I’m so glad.

Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co.

Days when everything goes right deserve a treat, so dear daughter and I stopped at a new to us place in Freighthouse Square called Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co. We shared this wonderful, still warm cinnamon bun and half was plenty. Next time we’ll go for dinner or lunch and try the crepes!


Ha!  Nobody has ever accused me of being cutting edge, but two days after we were there the Tacoma News Tribune reviewed this restaurant 🙂


Update June 2013: Sadly when I stopped by this week to buy a pie, Season Delights was gone. It appears that they vacated the space in April or May.


Freighthouse Art Gallery

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The Art Gallery at Freighthouse Square has some lovely Northwest art. We have purchased several pieces here and appreciate that we can have some original art at a doable price. It is located on the upper level of Freighthouse Square beyond the food court. It is run as an artist cooperative and usually at least one of the artists is on site.

602 East 25th Street, Suite 60



Nature’s Resource Center

I’d read about the new tenant at Freighthouse Square and since we were having dinner at Wendy’s Vietnamese, I thought I skip downstairs and check it out. Nature’s Resource Center’s website says “Here at NATURES RESOURCE CENTER we strive to meet your medical needs in a variety of ways including; providing educational service on cultivating one’s own personal herb plants, We also have an inventory of starts, hash, edibles, tinctures and the best medical herb nature has to offer. All consultations and services provided in a safe and professional setting. So stop suffering today and enjoy the greatest medical cannabis nature has to offer at Nature’s Resource Center!”

Their website is at http://nrc420.com/

And their address is at 602 East 25th Street, Suite #78

I wasn’t sure what I expected, but the storefront has dignity and an attractive waiting area. I purposefully didn’t photograph anyone coming or going, but they looked like everyday kind of folks. I understand that they sell medical marijuana (cannabis), but I personally don’t see it being a problem being next to a store specializing in legos.


Wendy’s Vietnamese is a family favorite

It’s my dear husband’s birthday and I went to get him some take out from one of his favorite restaurants, Wendy’s Vietnamese at Freighthouse Square. We got way too much food — the Hot & Spicy Chicken, the Tofu Fried Rice and the Su Dai Beef with Peanut Sauce. There is easily enough left over for our three lunches tomorrow. Both the service and the food were outstanding. It occurs to me that even though this is my first “check in” at Wendy’s, we have been coming here for over 20 years! Yikes!

Freighthouse Square is a two story retail center with an international food court. With the exception of Subway, the food vendors are not ones you would see at a more traditional mall.