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Halloween House

Well, we were going to go to a haunted house at Freighthouse Square, but the teens bagged out on me. So instead we went to a private home that celebrates Halloween in a big way! In fact, they celebrate each holiday in a big way! Our timing couldn’t have been better! A bicycle group had just pulled up and one of them was convincingly dressed as a witch. The property owner kindly gave permission for her to enter the gated yard to take this photo! The property is at the corner of South 9th and RIdgewood Avenue (just off Sprague). You can’t miss it!

Here is an article the local paper ran on how to decorate on the cheap for Halloween. 

I recieved the FourSquare Halloween Badge 🙂



Tacoma Cemetery


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In honor of Halloween, we went to the Tacoma Cemetery, but found that it isn’t at all scary, but instead is lovely and peaceful. Some of the trees, like the Japanese Maple in the photo, are amazingly beautiful and the place is well tended. Their website says the cemetery was founded in 1874 and that many famous people from Tacoma are buried there. The cemetery is located at 4801 South Tacoma Way.

One of the people buried at Tacoma Cemetery is Ernest Lister, who served on the Tacoma City Council and was the 8th govenor of Washington State.  Lister Elementary School in Tacoma is named after Ernest Lister and his brother Alfred Lister.


New Place of the Day, 8/22 – 8/27 (recap)

As of 8/22/10 I’ve checked in 267 times.  I’ve travelled in five states (WA, TX, CA, MT, ID) and two provinces (NB & AB).  Today’s new place (which I have been to before, but it’s my first checkin) was ever wonderful Anthony’s at Point Defiance Park for our wedding anniversary dinner with dear daughter.

Update: And here is a new photo of Anthony’s

Today, 8/23/10, My husband needed a tire put on his boat, ummmm I mean car. He replaced three of the tires himself, but the 4th one was really stuck! Since I didn’t work today, I said I’d take it. So off I went to Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma near the Tacoma Mall. I always just thought it was called Goodyear, but I guess not. The customer service was polite and the work was done quickly. They charged $15, which seemed alright to me, but my husband thought it should have been less.

A favorite restaurant for my daughter and I has been Panera’s Bread  We go there when we want something special, but not too expensive.  I flutter all over the menu, but my daughter almost always gets the broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl.  Then, more often than not, we wander over to Barnes & Noble to check out the new books.  So, Panera’s Bread in Lakewood was our new place for 8/24/2010.

While we were out and about, we stopped at Safeway (not for the first time) and I took this picture.  The combination of Shape magazine and Ding Dongs was amusing!


On 8/25 we meant with a financial adviser (great guy!) at Forza and then afterwards walked over to Joeseppis Italian Ristoranti.  We shared the Marsala Chicken and still took 1/2 of it home as leftovers!

Thursday I had a special treat because my friend had a get together at her beach cabin.  We went down a very steep trail to get there.  It was just just perfect, good weather, good friends, good food and a wonderful view!  The the pictures for 8/26 show the beach!  FourSquare let me check in here under “the Beach Cabin”.  I can only assume that I was at the same beach cabin that they were thinking of!  I’m sure that’s right. 😀

On 8/27 we went out to a movie (it was awful) and afterwards we needed a bite to eat.  But it was way too much effort to go to a restaurant and I still needed my new checkin for the day.  So off we went to the recently remodeled Stadium Thriftway.  It’s one of my favorite local grocery stores with a great selection of produce and a great deli/premade section.


Not Going Back to Ross

We need a pair of cute rainboats!  We went to Famous Footwear, but they only had one pair that suited style wise and they didn’t fit well.  The nice barista at Starbucks had suggested that we try Ross Dress for Less.  So, we did.  And we remembered that we don’t like Ross!  It’s too big and open and the lines are too long.  They also didn’t have the cute rainboots we longed for, so tomorrow it’s off to Target!  Wish us luck 🙂

Irving Park, more history than you’d think

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I thought I’d best make some outside places my new place of the day, while I still have some daylight to work with. So, off I went to the 4+ acre Irving Park on Hosmer. It was a pretty typical park, a big field, restrooms, some playground equipment. I suspect what makes this park special is the view it has of Nalley Valley. But there was nobody in the park and I just wasn’t comfortable walking to the isolated area to check out the view. Maybe when I have company I’ll try that.

The part is on the site of what use to be the Irving School, which was named after Washington Irving. The school was closed in 1930 and demolished in 1934. If you’d like to see a photo of some students from the Irving School in 1926, go here

School of the Arts (SOTA)

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This evening found us at the School of the Arts. In actuality SOTA is in several building in downtown Tacoma and the students get around via public transit.

SOTA info on Wikipedia is located at

Tacoma Fire Department Training Division

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Today I ventured into the Port of Tacoma to the Tacoma Fire Department Training facility. This is a photo of their training tower.

Voting — A right and an obligation

A right and an obligation

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Today I went to the Pierce County Building to drop my voting ballot in the box. I love how they make it so convenient. There were a bunch of complicated ballot measures this time and I spent some serious weekend time working on it. But I’m pretty happy with my choices and, as always, am proud that I voted. It’s an important part of being a citizen.

Click to access 2010generalweblocal.pdf

Evergreen Postal Station

Note:  This is an older New Place of the day that I had to redo!  Sorry about that 🙂

Today’s new place of the day, 9/15/10, was the Evergreen Postal Station in Tacoma near the Tacoma Mall.  This post office stays open until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and is also open from 9 – 3 on Saturday, making it convenient for working folks.  Everytime I’ve gone in here, the employees have been effecient and friendly.

A lackluster meal at La Palma

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I was going to go out to Snake Lake today to catch some autumn leaves, but it started to pour.   So instead I went out to lunch with dear husband. We have one of those Entertainment Coupon books and it’s expiring on 11/1, so I thought we’d use it. I riffled the pages and stuck my finger on La Palma. The interior is fairly standard Mexican Restaurant; there must be a warehouse of that stuff somewhere! The food was also very standard. I ate 1/2 of mine and boxed up the rest. Dear husband had a little more than 1/2 of his, but it made him sick! Not food poisoning sick, but too greasy sick. He’ll be fine, but I won’t be able to get him back there!  The service is the only thing that was exceptional about the experience.

 I probably should have read the Yelp reviews before visiting!