New Place of the Day, 8/22 – 8/27 (recap)

As of 8/22/10 I’ve checked in 267 times.  I’ve travelled in five states (WA, TX, CA, MT, ID) and two provinces (NB & AB).  Today’s new place (which I have been to before, but it’s my first checkin) was ever wonderful Anthony’s at Point Defiance Park for our wedding anniversary dinner with dear daughter.

Update: And here is a new photo of Anthony’s

Today, 8/23/10, My husband needed a tire put on his boat, ummmm I mean car. He replaced three of the tires himself, but the 4th one was really stuck! Since I didn’t work today, I said I’d take it. So off I went to Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma near the Tacoma Mall. I always just thought it was called Goodyear, but I guess not. The customer service was polite and the work was done quickly. They charged $15, which seemed alright to me, but my husband thought it should have been less.

A favorite restaurant for my daughter and I has been Panera’s Bread  We go there when we want something special, but not too expensive.  I flutter all over the menu, but my daughter almost always gets the broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl.  Then, more often than not, we wander over to Barnes & Noble to check out the new books.  So, Panera’s Bread in Lakewood was our new place for 8/24/2010.

While we were out and about, we stopped at Safeway (not for the first time) and I took this picture.  The combination of Shape magazine and Ding Dongs was amusing!


On 8/25 we meant with a financial adviser (great guy!) at Forza and then afterwards walked over to Joeseppis Italian Ristoranti.  We shared the Marsala Chicken and still took 1/2 of it home as leftovers!

Thursday I had a special treat because my friend had a get together at her beach cabin.  We went down a very steep trail to get there.  It was just just perfect, good weather, good friends, good food and a wonderful view!  The the pictures for 8/26 show the beach!  FourSquare let me check in here under “the Beach Cabin”.  I can only assume that I was at the same beach cabin that they were thinking of!  I’m sure that’s right. 😀

On 8/27 we went out to a movie (it was awful) and afterwards we needed a bite to eat.  But it was way too much effort to go to a restaurant and I still needed my new checkin for the day.  So off we went to the recently remodeled Stadium Thriftway.  It’s one of my favorite local grocery stores with a great selection of produce and a great deli/premade section.


Good to see you here!