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First National Bank, Granbury


Situated on Granbury’s Historic Square, the First National Bank (101 East Bridge Street) was constructed in 1883 and is an example of Italianate Victorian Commercial architecture.  The building was constructed for its current use and more of the history can be found here. The entirety of the Granbury Square is designated a historic district and was named the best historic square in Texas.




And while I was there I took a picture of the wonderful courthouse.


Yes Mural

IMG_2475The YES WE CAN mural by Mindy Barker is located at the Tahoma Associates Building, 1545 Tacoma Ave. The mural, which features an elk in front of an abstract Mt. Rainier, is located near the site where the local Indian tribes would welcome the Winter Solstice. More information on this wonderful neighborhood addition can be found here.

The mural is part of the Tacoma Murals Project.


Puget Sound Hospital

IMG_2374Pierce County Hospital, also known as Mountain View Sanatorium, Puget Sound General Hospital and the Pierce Hospital, (3580 Pacific Ave.) is slated for demolition. It was originally constructed in 1928 and had an addition, including a pool, in 1941/42. In 1951 a second building was constructed as a tuberculosis sanitarium. In 1973 a James Caan, Cinderella Liberty, was filmed at the hospital. In 1977 a sky bridge was constructed connecting it to the adjacent building. In 2011 the buildings were closed and currently there are plans to demolish the structures and construct a new building to house the majority of the Pierce County government services. Information on the project can be found here.

I’ve heard stories of the hospital being haunted with more information on that to be found here.

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Update January 2017

The State Farm (previously Frank Russell) Building shining at night

10864887284_e009b980c9_hFrank Russell moved out of this major office building at 909 A Street in 2009 and in April 2013 the property was purchased by State Farm, which is in the process of moving in. I read somewhere (now where was that?) that as a show of good intent, State Farm is leaving the lights on at night to enhance the ambiance of downtown Tacoma. The building was constructed in 1988 for Russell Investments (Jack Russell Company).

Maison Rouge Apartments

8752750392_20e85b8fdc_b(1)The lovely building at 202 North Tacoma Avenue is a fourplex with one office space on the lower floor and three apartment units on the upper floor. It was built as the Drum and Paulson Double House in 1886 with Daniels & Proctor being the architects. The property has a for sale sign out front.


Clock Tower Square

8466199825_9efbb327ac_bWhen I worked in University Place, years ago I was situated by this Clock Tower at 3617 Bridgeport Way West. The larger building it was part of was demolished to make room for the new city hall, but the Clock Tower was saved and moved to its new location on Tacoma Avenue across the street from the library in 2004. There is also a cool gargoyle on the building next to the clock tower.



In Ed “Doc” Farrens, moved to this site from. Clock Tower Square at 3617 Bridgeport Way)

Tacoma General Hospital

Tacoma GeneralTacoma General Hospital at 315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. is Tacoma’s largest hospital and part of the Multicare Health Systems. Their website is here

The hospital has a long history, beginning in 1882 in the Old Town neighborhood of Tacoma under the name of Fannie C. Paddock Memorial Hospital. It has 437 licensed beds and 16 operating rooms. Dear daughter was born there almost 18 years ago!

I went to TG to hear a sexual assault nurse (forensic nurse examiner) discuss the nature of her job, a fascinating and heartbreaking topic. The link for that department can be found here


The News Tribune

ntThe News Tribune is Tacoma’s daily newspaper. It had its origins in 1918 when the city’s three existing newspapers merged under its current name. The paper, which serves the south Puget Sound, has a present day circulation of 85,000, which increases to 100,000 on Sunday (including our household!). The New Tribune address is 1950 State Street, Tacoma.