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Puget Sound Hospital

IMG_2374Pierce County Hospital, also known as Mountain View Sanatorium, Puget Sound General Hospital and the Pierce Hospital, (3580 Pacific Ave.) is slated for demolition. It was originally constructed in 1928 and had an addition, including a pool, in 1941/42. In 1951 a second building was constructed as a tuberculosis sanitarium. In 1973 a James Caan, Cinderella Liberty, was filmed at the hospital. In 1977 a sky bridge was constructed connecting it to the adjacent building. In 2011 the buildings were closed and currently there are plans to demolish the structures and construct a new building to house the majority of the Pierce County government services. Information on the project can be found here.

I’ve heard stories of the hospital being haunted with more information on that to be found here.

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Update January 2017

It’s the End of the World, As We Know It

Dear husband said he’d be happy to show me a splendid new place of the day and he took me here to South Tacoma Way and Sprague where they are tearing down the old Nally Valley overpass and have constructed the new one. This scene will not be here long! Husband and I agreed that it was very post apocalyptic. And nothing says Christmas Eve like Post Apocalyptic!

Heidelberg Brewery

The Heidelberg Brewery has been at 2120 South C Street in Tacoma under various names since 1900.  There is a most excellent history of the brewery located here http://www.brewerygems.com/columbia.htm and a reader would learn much from reading it.  I was interested to learn that the brewery was actually constructed over an artesian well. Also of interest was that during prohibition, the brewery made soft drinks and a non-alcoholic near-beer called “Colo”. The brewery closed its doors in 1979 and was vacant for many years and was slated for demolition when it caught on fire on July 7, 2011.  As you can see from the photos, at least part of the site is currently being cleared.



Trung Nguyen Billiard Hall (vacant)


Tacoma is not all waterfront parks and restored historic buildings. The nationwide economic crisis has hit here too and there are building that have been abandon and left to deteriorate. One of these buildings is the Trung Nguyen Billiard Hall (Pool Hall) at 722 S 38th St. Tacoma WA 98418. I remember when it was open and it never seemed very inviting, at least to me. The property originally was constructed in 1970 as a Pacific National Bank of Washington and the drive through teller is still in place. The windows were awfully dirty, but a quick glance showed the interior to be in shambles. There must be 40 full trash bags on the site. There is no for lease or for sale sign visible. The Pierce Co. Assessor’s Office still shows the property to be under private ownership.

Update 4/14: I hear rummer that the building is slated for demolition.