Trung Nguyen Billiard Hall (vacant)


Tacoma is not all waterfront parks and restored historic buildings. The nationwide economic crisis has hit here too and there are building that have been abandon and left to deteriorate. One of these buildings is the Trung Nguyen Billiard Hall (Pool Hall) at 722 S 38th St. Tacoma WA 98418. I remember when it was open and it never seemed very inviting, at least to me. The property originally was constructed in 1970 as a Pacific National Bank of Washington and the drive through teller is still in place. The windows were awfully dirty, but a quick glance showed the interior to be in shambles. There must be 40 full trash bags on the site. There is no for lease or for sale sign visible. The Pierce Co. Assessor’s Office still shows the property to be under private ownership.

Update 4/14: I hear rummer that the building is slated for demolition.


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