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Lapenski Fuel

The Lapenski Fuel Company located at 9910 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, has provided various types of fuel, wood, coal and heating oil. The building was constructed in 1957 and has a mid-century look to it.

Western Washington State Fair, Our Body The Universe Within

When dear daughter and I went to the Western Washington State Fair last weekend we simply forgot to see the Our Body, The Universe Within exhibit and afterward that made me sad. But, on the last day of the fair, we decided to go again. Yes, there were scones involved.

I had decided not to take photos in the exhibit because it just didn’t feel respectful. Just as well since photography was not permitted, nor were cell phones. Really good photos can be found on the exhibit’s website It was a very interesting exhibit and I learned a few things. The part that captivated me the most was that they took one body and sliced it into 12 pieces sideways. So the two end pieces each had an ear and in between we saw muscle, bone, organs, etc. The individual organs were also fascinating. The stomach was smaller than I thought and the thyroid was larger. There was a brain that had been damaged by a stroke and lungs that had been ruined by smoking. The exhibit made dear daughter a tad queasy.

Pacific Lutheran University, Ingram Hall

Per Wikipedia “Ingram Hall is home to a communication computer lab, a digital photography/graphic design lab, and studio art classrooms for painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and printmaking. Ingram boasts two galleries: the University Gallery (which houses major shows and exhibitions) and the Wekell Gallery (which generally houses student and class work).”

I was there with my group to hear Stephanie Cootz speak and she was terrific.


Art Bus

I’ve been wanting to try the Art Bus for ages and Thursday was the day. Dear daughter and I were delighted to be able to hop on the sold out bus. The Art Bus runs every third Thursday and each time there are different venues.The website to get in on this exciting opportunity is or here

For our September Art Bus we went to Job Carr Cabin Museum (the log cabin), 253 Collective (birds and turds),Tacoma Glass Blowing Studio (the glass pumpkin), Hotel Murano’s new gift shop (the glowing canoe), Brick House Gallery (the neon sign) , Rampart / Brownie Morrison (the manikin) and Catwalk (the showroom). At Catwalk dear daughter purchase a groovy retro tie that she was enthused about. And we were treated to pizza from Puget Sound Pizza (yum!).

Save A Lot is Closing

At least nine Save A Lot Stores in the Puget Sound are closing including the one at 1105 Martin Luther King in Tacoma’s Hilltop. I remember in July 1999 when the building was a recently constructed as a Rite Aid drug Pharmacy. An entire block was demolished to make way for the Rite Aid. In January 2005 the Rite Aid closed and in September 2006 the Save-A-Lot Extreme Value Grocery Store opened.

Larsen Pharmacy had been on the site (or part of the site) as of 1938 and Harold Meyer Drug Store was there as of 1944. Kellogg & Ford Building was there as of 1905. The J. Anton Mueller store was there in 1916.

Cushman Substation

The Cushman Substation at 3717 South 19th Street in was built in 1926 and has a Greek Revival with Doric columns architectural style. Apparently it was noisy in the beginning because the newspaper stated “Engineers succeed in silencing noise at city
substation”. The station served as terminus for the power generated at Cushman Lake hydroelectric power project.