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Lincoln International District’s (Tacoma, WA) Lunar New Year Celebration


Most years dear daughter and I would go to the Lunar New Year Celebration in Tacoma’s International District. I remember firecrackers going off near her stroller and her crying, so it has been a long tradition. But the celebration hasn’t happened for the past five years, until today. At 10 am sharp the firecrackers went off and the festivities began. Mayor Strickland said a few words and a few others (I couldn’t tell who since I was still walking up). There was a very short, but great parade and then the crowd followed the lion dancers to the Lincoln Pharmacy on the corner of South 38th and South Thompson . A string of firecrackers was lite,  the lions danced and musicians played. Then we all moved on to the next business.

I noticed that at some of the businesses there was a head of lettuce hanging for the lions to “eat”. Wikipedia tells me that this is the traditional custom of “cai qing“, “plucking the greens”. The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business.

It was great to see the crowds in attendance and the festive atmosphere. The Lincoln District is undergoing a period of revival with big changes in the near future. There were several interesting new businesses that I’m sure to visit, now that I know about them!

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Pawn 4 More


Pawn 4 More at 1222 South 38th Street, Tacoma, WA is an unusually shaped building that has gone through several uses. I remember it as a produce stand, Green Frog Shelters and that it use to have mastiff dogs. Until recently the extended roof line boosted that they accepted all types of collateral including boats, cars, helicopters and 747s.  I liked their optimism, but when I stopped by today that offer seems to be gone. The building was originally constructed in 1926 as a gas station.

My Flickr friend has a picture with the old signage. You can see it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/justintron/5859272661/

Update: In 2/2015 the building was demolished.