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Murray Morgan Room in the Northwest Room at Tacoma Public Library

8897981558_9d11e1498a_hI was lucky enough to have a brief tour of the Murray Morgan Room, which is situated in the Northwest Room of the Tacoma Public Library. The Northwest Room is in Tacoma’s originally Carnegie Library.  I was lucky enough to meet Murray Morgan years ago when he spoke at this very same library. His obituary can be found here. The room is welcoming and houses Mr. Morgan’s personal book collection about the Northwest.


Veteran’s for Peace, Memorial Day


On Memorial Day I stopped in the park area next to the Lobster Shop that was displaying a traveling memorial by the Veteran’s for Peace dedicated to the men and women who have died in Iraq since March 2003. Despite the rainy weather people were respectful wandering through the display of headstones, considering the very real cost of war.



The Earth laughs in flowers, Bellevue Botantical Garden

23131f99-ba63-456c-98af-815f782b4820wallpaperThe Bellevue Botanical Garden (1200 Main Street, Bellevue) is really lovely and has the added bonus of being free. I explored some of the gardens today and it was tranquil and smelled good. I strolled through various gardens with my favorites being the kitchen garden and the border garden. I also wanted to see the ravine and suspension bridge, but I turned right instead of left. Oh well, next time! There is some significant construction going on and new delights are promised for next year. I’m already looking forward to visiting again! There website is here.



Australian Pie Company

8808802867_91b9e1723a_bThere are Italian restaurant, French restaurants, all types of Asian restaurants, but very few Australian restaurants! But today I found one, The Australian Pie Co. at 425 SW, 152nd Street, Burien, WA. Dear husband and I drove there just to sample their meat pies, which are filled with chicken or steak with various additions (mushrooms, potato, cheese, onion, etc.) I had the beef and mushroom and he had the beef and cheese. The pies are kind of like pot pies, with each one having a wonderful crust and savory filling. We brought home a chicken and asparagus pie for dinner for us and a vegetable pie for dear daughter. Both of those were also yummy. We also brought home a sampling of desserts including a yet untasted Lamington Cake. There is also a small collection of Australian products for sale. The Australian Pie Co’s website is here.

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Tacoma Rubber Stamp

Tacoma Rubber StampTacoma Rubber Stamp at 919 Market Street has been around for a long time. I found a photograph in the public library archives showing it in place in 1967. It was originally built as Home Telephone Co. Building (later called Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.) with Russell & Babcock as the architects in 1907.

By 1935 it was the Washington State Welfare Dept. and in 1940 it was Irving’s Clothes Shop.
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Daniah’s International Market and Deli

8819608978_31fe55d1b8_b(1)Dear daughter wanted to eat middle eastern food, so we searched for them in the Tacoma area. There were two, but one is gone… so there is one. It is Daniah’s International Market and Deli at 6603 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma. I ordered a beef gyro meal (pictured) and dear daughter had the felafel, a new to her dish that she liked. There is also a grocery section with unusual imported items. The food was tasty and the service great.


Maison Rouge Apartments

8752750392_20e85b8fdc_b(1)The lovely building at 202 North Tacoma Avenue is a fourplex with one office space on the lower floor and three apartment units on the upper floor. It was built as the Drum and Paulson Double House in 1886 with Daniels & Proctor being the architects. The property has a for sale sign out front.


Cones/Reynolds House

Cone/Reynolds HouseThe Cone/Reynolds House at 1244 South Ainsworth, Tacoma, was placed on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places in 1995. It was built in 1908 by Amanda Cone for the John W. Reynolds family. The original cost was about 5,000. Here is a link to the nomination form.

Started as the Tillicum Toy Company

8745246841_e56c476cf7_bThe castle like commercial building at 2515 South Tacoma Way was built as the Tillicum Toy Company in 1930 and sold Tacoma made toys all over the United States. It the early 1930s it was the largest toy plant on the Pacific Coast. It has also been owned and/or occupied by the Tacoma Milk Shippers Association, a cheese factory, Farm Maid Ice Cream and Darigold Farms. More recently it was MDC Technologies. The building is currently available for sale. While looking for more of the building’s history, I found this website devoted to buildings made to look like castles.