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Maison Rouge Apartments

8752750392_20e85b8fdc_b(1)The lovely building at 202 North Tacoma Avenue is a fourplex with one office space on the lower floor and three apartment units on the upper floor. It was built as the Drum and Paulson Double House in 1886 with Daniels & Proctor being the architects. The property has a for sale sign out front.


Never Never Land Figures, continued

8421328035_c7e54787ee(2)The Never Never Land figures that I saw on November 24, 2012 are now for sale at Broadway’s Best Antiques, 742 Broadway, Tacoma in the Antique Row area of Downtown. Of the 85 figures available, 43 have sold in the three weeks they have been available. The most expensive was the Big Bad Wolf at $2,000 and I noticed a coupe of small figures for a couple of hundred. My understanding is that some of these figures are from Tacoma’s Never Never Land and some from a different children’s park in Canada, but that the figures were often switched around for maintenance. Nobody is really sure which ones came from where.

I really enjoyed the store, it was full of some great stuff, not the knick knacks I’ve seen in some other stores.



Tullys in the Stadium DIstrict, Baby It’s Cold Outside


While out running errands I stopped at Tully’s in the Stadium District (24 Tacoma Avenue North). This is one of three Tully’s in Tacoma and one of 200+ locations in the US. The first Tully’s opened in Seattle in 1992.

I usually order an Americano, but today I drank a peppermint mocha because it just looked so darned good advertised up there on the board.

Unbeknownst to me, Tully’s has been in the news the past few days. Apparently the chain is up for sale and Starbucks is one of the potential buyers. There are 47 company owned stores and I don’t know if this is one of them. Another potential buyer is a Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey’s investment group.



For the Birds

My husband in particular admires these lovely bird houses that are for sale in front of the house at 4613 Sixth Avenue. They are pretty spectacular and available for purchase by calling 253 226 0086.

Tacoma Center Building

The Tacoma Center Building at 2367 Tacoma Avenue is available for sale with an asking price of $499,999. The building was built in 1969 and contains 12,960 square feet.

Update June 2013: The property no longer has a for sale sign up and has been repainted. It looks really nice!



The Red Dragon

My husband and I are having a debate about the Red Dragon Oriental Restaurant at the northwest corner of South ‘G’ Street and South 34th Street has been vacant for all the years that we’ve lived in Tacoma. I thought I remembered it being open for business at some point. In either case, it has been vacant for sometime and is in pretty bad shape. I noticed that one of the windows in the glass atrium area were broken out. There is a for sale sign with a phone number and email.

Update, we drove past today (8/21/12) and it was gone! Or at least a pile of rubble. I had also learned that long ago it had previously been an A&W Restaurant and a popular hang out for the Lincoln High School students.

Tacoma Street Sign Project

Sometime during the dreary winter months, this wonderful art project appeared on the side of the Merit Building at 951-959 S Market Street in downtown Tacoma. There is an associate Youtube video to be watched here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE-D3nA7vTQ

The Merit Building is available for sale for $1,000,000 (bring your best offer). Per the listing information the building was constructed in 1909, has 32,000 square feet and has been gutted down to the frame. I remember going to a restaurant in the building which I believe was called the Judicial Annex and having the best split pea soup!

If you’d like to buy the Merit Building, the listing can be found here http://www.commercialmls.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=inventory.biodetailFS&ln=462987&eofficeid=&eagentid=22193


Over the building’s long life, it has been home to many businesses included the Hotel Kingston, Federal Tire Sales Co., Auto Tire Co., Hollywood Apparel Shop, Olympic Dairy Store & Ice Cream Parlor, Second Closet Thrift Shop, Know They Self Book Center, Afrikan Book Center and the African American Museum.  One of the employees of the Ice Cream Parlot later started the Baskin Robbins chain.

To see how the building looked in its glory days (1928), follow this link to the Tacoma Public Library



For Sale $275,000

For Sale $275,000 by Gexydaf
For Sale $275,000, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

When I see property like this for sale I wonder what happened. Somebody obviously had a vision for the site as some kind of multifamily living unit but now it is for sale with an asking price of $275,000. The concrete footings will only have value if a new buyer has a very similar vision. For now, this property on the southwest corner of Yakima Avenue and South 15th Street awaits purchase and development. Oddly, I couldn’t locate information about the Delaurenti Realty Co. on the internet.