The Red Dragon

My husband and I are having a debate about the Red Dragon Oriental Restaurant at the northwest corner of South ‘G’ Street and South 34th Street has been vacant for all the years that we’ve lived in Tacoma. I thought I remembered it being open for business at some point. In either case, it has been vacant for sometime and is in pretty bad shape. I noticed that one of the windows in the glass atrium area were broken out. There is a for sale sign with a phone number and email.

Update, we drove past today (8/21/12) and it was gone! Or at least a pile of rubble. I had also learned that long ago it had previously been an A&W Restaurant and a popular hang out for the Lincoln High School students.

One thought on “The Red Dragon

  1. Shades Below

    I used to live in that duplex in the background for years. The place had a pretty bad reputation over the years; it was an A&W until the mid-1980’s, and was then Mai’s House Of Spring Rolls. They were involved with black-market goods (and perhaps drugs) and had gotten into trouble a few times over that, not to mention gang activity. It got shut down a few years ago (probably drug activity again), stood empty for a while, and got knocked down. Good riddance!

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