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Never Never Land Figures, continued

8421328035_c7e54787ee(2)The Never Never Land figures that I saw on November 24, 2012 are now for sale at Broadway’s Best Antiques, 742 Broadway, Tacoma in the Antique Row area of Downtown. Of the 85 figures available, 43 have sold in the three weeks they have been available. The most expensive was the Big Bad Wolf at $2,000 and I noticed a coupe of small figures for a couple of hundred. My understanding is that some of these figures are from Tacoma’s Never Never Land and some from a different children’s park in Canada, but that the figures were often switched around for maintenance. Nobody is really sure which ones came from where.

I really enjoyed the store, it was full of some great stuff, not the knick knacks I’ve seen in some other stores.



Never Never Land Figures

I remember taking my daughter to Never Never Land at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma when she was young. It was run down at that point, but we enjoyed it in its woodland setting. This evening our family took the Once In A Lifetime Underground Tacoma Flashlight Tour, which was offered by Angela Jossy http://www.theangelajossy.com/artbus.htm. The tour included several wonderful sites including the entrance to the underground tunnel, the soon to be filled under the sidewalk space and several historic buildings. But to me, the highlight was the chance to see the Never Never Land figures again. They are stored in the basement of a historic building near fireman’s park and I have a vague impression that the exact location is a secret. The smell of basement combined with the layer of dust provided an eerie vibe and dear daughter was more than ready to go outside, but I was happy to stretch out the time and examine each figure.

The park was created in 1964 and by the late 2000s most of the figurines had been removed. The last of the structures in the park (the stack of books entrance and the shoe/slide) were demolished in the fall of 2010.


What? Shoppe

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I had thought the new place of the day’s name was Juxtapoz because of the large sign over the door, but it turns out that the store is called What? Shoppe and Juxtapoz is an online magazine. The store is crowded with an interesting assortment of unusual merchandise demanding some serious browsing time. I noticed t-shirts, figurines, wigs, cards, posters, model train stuff and much more. This is a great place to find a present for a hard to please young adult.

740 Broadway in Tacoma