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Lincoln District’s Tulip House

13959709833_3ff50b5041_bThere is a house near Lincoln High School that if full of red and yellow tulips, currently in full bloom. It is startling the number of tulips! What a labor of love that I appreciated seeing this fine Easter Day!

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Red Mural on Barrier Blocks

11914588524_de7eff5609_bOne has to look hard for the mural on the barrier blocks at 5699 Pipeline Road East, Tacoma. But they are worth the Eastside search with their bold, red color and jaunty graphics. My favorite barrier (if one can have a favorite barrier) is the one with the word ‘Adventure’ on it! The artists are Natalie Oswald, K. Candejas, Y. Simone and J. Warren. The Tacoma Murals Project mural was created in 2012. The top photo shows the barriers as they sit and the bottom photo shows them Photoshopped side by side.

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Red Horse Diner, Ellensburg, WA

9504749486_28837e1860_bWe stopped at the Red Horse Diner because of it is a 50s style diner, but we loved it for its food! Dear daughter and I stopped for a meal here on the way to dropping her off at college and I stopped on my way back alone. It had been a service station and maintains the original pumps, as well as a bunch of fun 50s signs and paraphernalia. The Pegasus, the red horse, has been the symbol of Mobil Oil since the 1930s. The website for the diner is here.

9501927031_9ea64c5307_bThe evening view was lovely from their parking lot!


The Holiday Dragon on 56th Street

8275752693_95ce2ce9cf_cEach and every holiday this wonderful hedge dragon lights up to share the joy! It is across the street from the Moore Branch of the Tacoma Public Library (215 S 56th Ave  Tacoma, WA 98408). I truly admire folks that go all out for the holidays! This holiday ledge dragon even has a Rudolph red nose! 🙂


Never Never Land Figures

I remember taking my daughter to Never Never Land at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma when she was young. It was run down at that point, but we enjoyed it in its woodland setting. This evening our family took the Once In A Lifetime Underground Tacoma Flashlight Tour, which was offered by Angela Jossy http://www.theangelajossy.com/artbus.htm. The tour included several wonderful sites including the entrance to the underground tunnel, the soon to be filled under the sidewalk space and several historic buildings. But to me, the highlight was the chance to see the Never Never Land figures again. They are stored in the basement of a historic building near fireman’s park and I have a vague impression that the exact location is a secret. The smell of basement combined with the layer of dust provided an eerie vibe and dear daughter was more than ready to go outside, but I was happy to stretch out the time and examine each figure.

The park was created in 1964 and by the late 2000s most of the figurines had been removed. The last of the structures in the park (the stack of books entrance and the shoe/slide) were demolished in the fall of 2010.


Clinton’s Music House is still there!

When I saw that an antique mall had moved into the Clinton’s Music House space at 2301 Tacoma Avenue South, I figured that Clinton’s was gone. But no! When I stopped to snap this photo I discovered that Clinton’s is still there, but in a smaller space. Well, that’s good. Information found on the web says that Clinton’s has been family owned and operated since 1898. They have been at this location since 1964. There is a second location in Olympia.