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Redondo, WA


I talked dear husband into coming with me to take sunset photos at the lovely Saltwater State Park, but when we got there the road was closed (seriously!). Well, ok, there must be other places around to see the sunset. So we drive around and find Redondo, which is a neighborhood community in Des Moines and Federal Way. Wikipedia tells that the area was originally designed as a resort, but over the years became a middle class residential community that centers around the lovely Redondo Beach. In addition to the residential homes, there is a Salty’s Restaurant, a marine museum, another restaurant which was closed at the time and some great public art. The beach features a fishing/viewing peer, boardwalk (above the beach), a diving tour, some amazing sunset views of Poverty Bay. The area is rumored to be named after the more famous Redondo Beach in California, which is famous for its surfing and beach volleyball.

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505 Broadway

viewI was lucky enough to attend a meeting today in the Skyroom of the 505 Broadway Building in Tacoma. It is a lovely condominium building constructed in 2009. At the building’s entrance are two stone lions. And there is a model of the building in the lobby.

15611106769_bc45599225_o IMG_2146

Lincoln District’s Tulip House

13959709833_3ff50b5041_bThere is a house near Lincoln High School that if full of red and yellow tulips, currently in full bloom. It is startling the number of tulips! What a labor of love that I appreciated seeing this fine Easter Day!

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Franke Tobey Jones

12601965273_abd3f52f71_bFranke Tobey Jones at 5340 N Bristol St, Tacoma, WA 98407 is not-for-profit senior community with independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facility and it has lovely grounds. I was there to hear a talk about the woman for which the center was named.The center opened in 1925. Franke Tobey Jones, who provided the building site and the funds for the original building, was the wife of Charles Jones, who was associated with the Tacoma Lumber Company. It originally housed 65 residents each with their own room and shared bath. Over the years there was considerable expansion to the facility that it is today.

Mrs. Jones herself never lived in the facility. She was however an amazing woman who crossed the continent 85 times, as well as traveled to such far-flung places as Japan and China, She was born on May 22, 1845 (the same day as me, but different year) and passed away on April 25, 1941. She is buried next to her husband in the Tacoma Mausoleum.



Seahawks House in University Place

12183784515_de2d44d003_bThe house along 67th Avenue West near its intersection with 36th Street West obviously belongs to a Seahawks fan! Let’s hope that the enthusiastic decorating job brings the Seahawks luck in the Superbowl!

Village Green Community

9648240685_10608232b6_bSo, I joined my dear husband at a couple of estate sales. One of which was in the Village Green Community, a seniors only mobile home park at 2904 84th St S, Lakewood, WA 98499. That’s cool since I’ve not used a mobile home park as my new place before. It’s a really nice park, with plenty of pride of ownership.

The Holiday Dragon on 56th Street

8275752693_95ce2ce9cf_cEach and every holiday this wonderful hedge dragon lights up to share the joy! It is across the street from the Moore Branch of the Tacoma Public Library (215 S 56th Ave  Tacoma, WA 98408). I truly admire folks that go all out for the holidays! This holiday ledge dragon even has a Rudolph red nose! 🙂


Proposed Half Way House in the Hilltop

The other day I found a flyer on my car window bringing awareness of a proposed half way house on the Hilltop. The building is a non assuming single family house, but from what I’ve read it is in close proximity to a school, a boys and girls club and a daycare. The facebook page against the proposed use can be found here http://www.facebook.com/nograntave.halfwayhouse. An article on the disputed house can be found here http://www.thenewstribune.com/2012/07/10/2210752/hilltop-residents-share-sex-offender.html. There are many signs scattered throughout the neighborhood, such as the one below.


For Sale $275,000

For Sale $275,000 by Gexydaf
For Sale $275,000, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

When I see property like this for sale I wonder what happened. Somebody obviously had a vision for the site as some kind of multifamily living unit but now it is for sale with an asking price of $275,000. The concrete footings will only have value if a new buyer has a very similar vision. For now, this property on the southwest corner of Yakima Avenue and South 15th Street awaits purchase and development. Oddly, I couldn’t locate information about the Delaurenti Realty Co. on the internet.

Marcato Condominiums, 1501 South Tacoma Avenue

I remember going through the Marcato Condominiums at 1501 Tacoma Avenue South a couple of years back when there was a big tour of many of the condominiums in Tacoma. This complex more than some of the others seemed to have a sense of community. I especially liked the mini movie theater. The complex was built in 2006 and at least the upper units have a lovely view of Mt. Rainier, as can be seen by photo below.

Sales data from the condo.com web site http://www.condo.com/Condo_TACOMA_98402_Reverie-at-Marcato-Condo_8168414/RecentSales indicates that in Unit 506 (790 sq.ft.) is currently available for sale with an asking price of $185,000. In January 2007 when the complex was new, the unit sold for $263,120, so the value has declined by about 30% (assuming that it sells for the asking price).

Prior to the condominium complex, this had been the site of a mixed use property, retail on the lower part and apartments on the upper level. The property was destroyed in a practice burn by the fire department on August 21, 2001. To see a photo of the prior building, go to: