Village Green Community

9648240685_10608232b6_bSo, I joined my dear husband at a couple of estate sales. One of which was in the Village Green Community, a seniors only mobile home park at 2904 84th St S, Lakewood, WA 98499. That’s cool since I’ve not used a mobile home park as my new place before. It’s a really nice park, with plenty of pride of ownership.

One thought on “Village Green Community

  1. paulinedenyer

    I’m glad to see “Manufactured Home Communities” as one of your tags. I live in such a community and my husband is out-going president of WA State Association of Manufactured Home Owners. Our homes are not movable: the tongues and wheels were removed when the units were sited. Our home is composed of 3 units, and has about 1800 square feet.

Good to see you here!