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Allen C. Mason Plaza

8320716904_7aa7a27563_cAllen C. Mason was a real estate developer who coined the phrase City of Destiny for Tacoma. He arrived in Tacoma in 1883 with almost no capital and eventually became a major developer for Tacoma’s North End. His statue festoon in holiday finery is located in Allen C. Mason Plaza at the southeast corner of North 26th and Adams Street near the Wheelock Library. The plaza also features six pillars from Mason’s mansion. In addition there is a replica of the Star of Destiny, which is pretty interesting.


Dear daughter and I hadn’t actually had this plaza in mind when we set off in the night, but the parking lot and ancillary parking lot for zoo lights was full! The plaza is pretty cool anyway. I’m glad I saw it!



Marcato Condominiums, 1501 South Tacoma Avenue

I remember going through the Marcato Condominiums at 1501 Tacoma Avenue South a couple of years back when there was a big tour of many of the condominiums in Tacoma. This complex more than some of the others seemed to have a sense of community. I especially liked the mini movie theater. The complex was built in 2006 and at least the upper units have a lovely view of Mt. Rainier, as can be seen by photo below.

Sales data from the condo.com web site http://www.condo.com/Condo_TACOMA_98402_Reverie-at-Marcato-Condo_8168414/RecentSales indicates that in Unit 506 (790 sq.ft.) is currently available for sale with an asking price of $185,000. In January 2007 when the complex was new, the unit sold for $263,120, so the value has declined by about 30% (assuming that it sells for the asking price).

Prior to the condominium complex, this had been the site of a mixed use property, retail on the lower part and apartments on the upper level. The property was destroyed in a practice burn by the fire department on August 21, 2001. To see a photo of the prior building, go to: