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Pierce County Library Administration Building

My group had a tour of the Pierce County Library Administration Building at 3005 112th St E. Tacoma, WA 98446-2215 and I loved getting to see where the books come into the library system and are process. I didn’t realize there is actually a small public library in the lobby of the building. I’m especially enamored with the wonderful, space saving shelving that wheels flush. And there was a glimpse of the bookmobile! Little known fact, I applied to drive/manage the bookmobile many a year ago! Anyway it was a great tour.


The State Farm (previously Frank Russell) Building shining at night

10864887284_e009b980c9_hFrank Russell moved out of this major office building at 909 A Street in 2009 and in April 2013 the property was purchased by State Farm, which is in the process of moving in. I read somewhere (now where was that?) that as a show of good intent, State Farm is leaving the lights on at night to enhance the ambiance of downtown Tacoma. The building was constructed in 1988 for Russell Investments (Jack Russell Company).

Started as the Tillicum Toy Company

8745246841_e56c476cf7_bThe castle like commercial building at 2515 South Tacoma Way was built as the Tillicum Toy Company in 1930 and sold Tacoma made toys all over the United States. It the early 1930s it was the largest toy plant on the Pacific Coast. It has also been owned and/or occupied by the Tacoma Milk Shippers Association, a cheese factory, Farm Maid Ice Cream and Darigold Farms. More recently it was MDC Technologies. The building is currently available for sale. While looking for more of the building’s history, I found this website devoted to buildings made to look like castles.




Small Commercial Building

On Sunday the time got away from me and it was dusk before I was driving home and realized I didn’t have a new place of the day. After a fair amount of indecisiveness I said to myself that I was using the next commercial building I saw! This small commercial building at 711 48th Street was the one! It was built in 1921 and as of 1931 was functioning as a grocery store.

Voting — A right and an obligation

A right and an obligation

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Today I went to the Pierce County Building to drop my voting ballot in the box. I love how they make it so convenient. There were a bunch of complicated ballot measures this time and I spent some serious weekend time working on it. But I’m pretty happy with my choices and, as always, am proud that I voted. It’s an important part of being a citizen.

Click to access 2010generalweblocal.pdf