Started as the Tillicum Toy Company

8745246841_e56c476cf7_bThe castle like commercial building at 2515 South Tacoma Way was built as the Tillicum Toy Company in 1930 and sold Tacoma made toys all over the United States. It the early 1930s it was the largest toy plant on the Pacific Coast. It has also been owned and/or occupied by the Tacoma Milk Shippers Association, a cheese factory, Farm Maid Ice Cream and Darigold Farms. More recently it was MDC Technologies. The building is currently available for sale. While looking for more of the building’s history, I found this website devoted to buildings made to look like castles.




3 thoughts on “Started as the Tillicum Toy Company

  1. Art Davis

    You got the dates wrong, this place was in bankrupt court in 1930. Started in 1926, changed name fully in 1927, was done for in 1930.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks! I believe I was working from info at the public library, but I’ll certainly check and then change it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

    I’m a fan of your Facebook Page, Puget Sound History!

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