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The Chili Parlor

imageA couple of weeks ago I read in the local paper that a chili parlor was opening up in Tacoma. My husband really, really likes chili so we tried it the other night. The Chili Parlor, 5640 South Tacoma Way, is modeled after Cincinnati chili parlors, which apparently are ubiquitous in that part of the country. I had the chili fries with beer battered french fries topped with their trade mark chili and cheese. Dear husband tried the spaghetti which was also topped with chili and cheese and was served with oyster crackers. We both really enjoyed our meals and the portions were plenty large enough so that I had leftovers. The 50s diner decor is charming and the folks there working provided excellent, cheerful service. My husband is already making plans to take a friend there. The motto at The Chili Parlor is “it’s a great day for a three way” referring to the primary three items in a dish (spaghetti, chili and cheese). A four way also has onions. Maybe next time!

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Getting Ready for School

9560862998_0728a8cd3e_h(1)There are all the school buses just waiting for the first day of school 🙂 This photo was  in the Nalley Valley part of town at the southwest corner of South Tacoma Way and Sprague Avenue. I could only safely capture some of the buses, but the image below (thank you Google Earth!) shows that there are many more buses. I think there is a special star in heaven for school bus drivers!


Started as the Tillicum Toy Company

8745246841_e56c476cf7_bThe castle like commercial building at 2515 South Tacoma Way was built as the Tillicum Toy Company in 1930 and sold Tacoma made toys all over the United States. It the early 1930s it was the largest toy plant on the Pacific Coast. It has also been owned and/or occupied by the Tacoma Milk Shippers Association, a cheese factory, Farm Maid Ice Cream and Darigold Farms. More recently it was MDC Technologies. The building is currently available for sale. While looking for more of the building’s history, I found this website devoted to buildings made to look like castles.




Sweet Corn Ice Bars at H Supermarket

8622569833_17274dfc74_z Actually there were two types of sweet corn ice cream bars at the H Mart, which recently opened at 8720 South Tacoma Way in Lakewood. Dear daughter and I visited and found many delightful food items including udon (which she loves), mochi, fresh turmeric, those long vegetable things (I knew I should have written down what they were!), an entire aisle of dried seaweed, all sorts of pickled foods (see the yellow pickled radishes) and fresh seafood. There is a large produce section and all the day to day household items one would need. The employees were super friendly.

The H in H Mart stands for “Han Ah Reum,” a Korean phrase meaning “arm full of groceries.” The chain’s website shows two other locations in Washington State (Federal Way and Lyonwood. There are also locations in 12 other states and Canada, mostly on the east and west coasts. They recently opened a location in London.

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The Asian Pacific Cultural Center

The Asian Pacific Cultural Center had an Open House today to celebrate its new location at 4851 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409. The property had previously been the South Park Community Center and the APCC is leasing the property from Metro Parks while it pursues a permanent home. The place was packed with well wishers enjoying food and entertainment. Some of the classes that the APCC is offering look pretty interesting including martial arts, fitness, language classes and summer camps for the kids. Their website says “APCC serves the general public of Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington State, National and International, about 47 Asia Pacific countries of the world and their unique histories cultures, languages, arts, crafts, customs, honor and respect” What a great asset for Tacoma!

It’s the End of the World, As We Know It

Dear husband said he’d be happy to show me a splendid new place of the day and he took me here to South Tacoma Way and Sprague where they are tearing down the old Nally Valley overpass and have constructed the new one. This scene will not be here long! Husband and I agreed that it was very post apocalyptic. And nothing says Christmas Eve like Post Apocalyptic!

The Lovey Mamni Bakery

So, dear husband and I are driving down South Tacoma Way on our way to see Captain America (which was really pretty good). I’m thinking about what I am going to use for a new place of the day. I’ve already done the movie theater and the fish taco place, so no go with our destinations. Then I look up and see Mamni’s Bakery at 9205 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499! Oh joy, I’ve been meaning to go there since my friend recommended it! We loopy looped around and went on in!

I can’t say I’ve been to a bakery like this before. Every individual item is wrapped. We purchased about 10 things and took them home to enjoy after the movie. After we got home dear daughter started asking what things were. Ummmm. Don’t know! They aren’t labeled! Though we can kind of tell by looking at them 🙂 The treat for tonight was very tasty indeed.

Now that we know where they are, we’re sure to be back!



Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Sorry!)


I was driving around today looking for something interesting when I spotted an interesting bar (the Opal). But when I walked up there were two guys there complaining up a storm about how their girlfriends didn’t appreciate them going out drinking every Friday. I thought I’d leave those two fun seekers alone and instead found this wonderful and vacant building at 5216 South Tacoma Way. The building had been the home to Untouchable Cuts Barbarshop and peering though the window I could see some remains of the business. The is now for lease. The Tacoma Public Library’s Northwest Room has little on the building except that it was built in 1906 and in 1913 it had housed American Dye Works (Hashime Imamura, operator). The present day bars on the windows and door suggest perhaps there have been security concerns. I love the paint job! 🙂

The Past Along South Tacoma Way

South Tacoma Way has some spiffy public art. Today I stopped to admire this mural located at 5438 South Tacoma Way which features scenes from the strips past and present. The mural is on the Heritage Bank Building. Although that is the name of building, it is vacant with Heritage Bank is down the street at 5448 South Tacoma Avenue.

To see more photographs of the property both before and after the mural, go here.


Patty’s Burger on South Tacoma Way

So for the first time today, my husband said let’s go find you a new restaurant for lunch so you have your new place of the day. That was so sweet! He had read a good review of Patty’s Burgers, so after seeing The King’s Speech at the Grand, off we went! Patty’s Burgers is a cheerful place with a 50s theme. The service was super friendly and quick. Our burgers and fries would never be mistaken for health food, but they were a tasty treat! Next time I’m trying one of those great looking milkshakes! The TV screen shows photos of people that have tried the ambitious cake burger with 8 hamburger patties.

For a review of Patty’s Burgers go to:

For a list of restaurants where you can buy an extra huge hamburger look here:

5615 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409-4215
(253) 474-0844

Patty’s Burger is located in the South Tacoma Business District. http://southtacomabusinessdistrict.com/