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The Chili Parlor

imageA couple of weeks ago I read in the local paper that a chili parlor was opening up in Tacoma. My husband really, really likes chili so we tried it the other night. The Chili Parlor, 5640 South Tacoma Way, is modeled after Cincinnati chili parlors, which apparently are ubiquitous in that part of the country. I had the chili fries with beer battered french fries topped with their trade mark chili and cheese. Dear husband tried the spaghetti which was also topped with chili and cheese and was served with oyster crackers. We both really enjoyed our meals and the portions were plenty large enough so that I had leftovers. The 50s diner decor is charming and the folks there working provided excellent, cheerful service. My husband is already making plans to take a friend there. The motto at The Chili Parlor is “it’s a great day for a three way” referring to the primary three items in a dish (spaghetti, chili and cheese). A four way also has onions. Maybe next time!

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7 Elevan

Several 7-11s have popped up around Tacoma recently and it is good to see any new development. Today  I stopped at the 7 Eleven at 2632 South Tacoma Way in the Nally Valley neighborhood of Tacoma.

Walgreens is now open

The Walgreens at 4315 Sixth Avenue has previously been the site of a small strip center. (See entry http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1128). The store is next to a drive though Starbuck and while the construction was under way, it was really difficult to partake in a coffee fix! But now that the Walgreens is open, the two uses seem to be sharing their common ingress and egress without too many difficulties. The store is extra clean and the employees welcoming.

UP Library


Today I finally went to the new Pierce County Library at 3609 Market Place W. University Place, WA 98466. What a welcoming library it is! It is, the layout is open with lovely light (on a rainy day). I’m not use to self checkout, but it was so easy to grab the book I had on hold and scan away. I especially like how the space flows into the entry area. Based on the number of patrons, other folks are also enjoying the space.



A yummy, but crowded lunch at Panera Bread


I know it’s a big chain, but I really like Panera Bread. Their food is tasty, service is pleasant and the decor is attractive. So, I was pleased when when one recently opened at the near by Tacoma Mall. I’m not a big fan of malls, but there is an outside door so I didn’t have to actually go into the mall. My only complaint with this new Panera is that it was too crowded and the tables where too close together.

4502 S. Steel Street, Tacoma, WA