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The Chili Parlor

imageA couple of weeks ago I read in the local paper that a chili parlor was opening up in Tacoma. My husband really, really likes chili so we tried it the other night. The Chili Parlor, 5640 South Tacoma Way, is modeled after Cincinnati chili parlors, which apparently are ubiquitous in that part of the country. I had the chili fries with beer battered french fries topped with their trade mark chili and cheese. Dear husband tried the spaghetti which was also topped with chili and cheese and was served with oyster crackers. We both really enjoyed our meals and the portions were plenty large enough so that I had leftovers. The 50s diner decor is charming and the folks there working provided excellent, cheerful service. My husband is already making plans to take a friend there. The motto at The Chili Parlor is “it’s a great day for a three way” referring to the primary three items in a dish (spaghetti, chili and cheese). A four way also has onions. Maybe next time!

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Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

8667746618_4bae083634_bOn Friday night I found myself in Kennewick looking for a restaurant. My friend and I opted for Carmines at 525 West 1st Avenue. It appealed to us because of its unusual presentation, an Italian restaurant in an old house that offers one or two dishes a night. The mission of the restaurant is to recreate the family environment that the owners experienced with they lived in New Jersey and were surrounded by relatives. Friday night was spaghetti & meatballs or shrimp over linguini.  My friend and I ordered one of each and shared. Before hand there is a salad and bread (included) and afterward a choice of dessert (extra). I had the amazingly delicious amaretto bread pudding and my friend opted for ice box cake.  Altogether a lovely evening with tasty food, great service and excellent conversation. The Facebook page for the restaurant is here.

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