Kobayashi Park

I had no idea that Kobayashi Park was there at 6420 Chambers Creek Road West in University Place. It is tucked away and not very clearly marked and we only found it by accident. But we’re glad that we found it! We walked the trails in both directions from the small parking lot. In one direction the path followed a small stream. The family was thrill to see a Pileated Woodpecker (see the photo below, but you have to look hard!) ! I don’t think that I’ve ever seen one before. The path in the other direction went past the house and followed a larger stream which called to me to jump right in! But I refrained.

The 4.82 acre site for Kobayashi Park in University Place was purchased on September 16, 2004. The site contains the confluence of Chambers and Leach Creeks, both salmon bearing streams. There is a 1964 house on the site which is vacant and not in great shape.

Good to see you here!