The Lovey Mamni Bakery

So, dear husband and I are driving down South Tacoma Way on our way to see Captain America (which was really pretty good). I’m thinking about what I am going to use for a new place of the day. I’ve already done the movie theater and the fish taco place, so no go with our destinations. Then I look up and see Mamni’s Bakery at 9205 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499! Oh joy, I’ve been meaning to go there since my friend recommended it! We loopy looped around and went on in!

I can’t say I’ve been to a bakery like this before. Every individual item is wrapped. We purchased about 10 things and took them home to enjoy after the movie. After we got home dear daughter started asking what things were. Ummmm. Don’t know! They aren’t labeled! Though we can kind of tell by looking at them 🙂 The treat for tonight was very tasty indeed.

Now that we know where they are, we’re sure to be back!



Good to see you here!