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Getting Ready for School

9560862998_0728a8cd3e_h(1)There are all the school buses just waiting for the first day of school 🙂 This photo was  in the Nalley Valley part of town at the southwest corner of South Tacoma Way and Sprague Avenue. I could only safely capture some of the buses, but the image below (thank you Google Earth!) shows that there are many more buses. I think there is a special star in heaven for school bus drivers!


What’s left of Tacoma’s original Greyhound Station

8385992474_fa5dc8c5b5_b(1)While driving around today I told dear daughter that I was going to stop at the old Greyhound Station and she was surprised when I stopped at the southeast corner of Pacific Avenue and South 13th Street. But I remember when the Greyhound station was here with its full cast of assorted riders. The station was dedicated in  April 1959 and was really something in its hay day with an underground parking garage, a large waiting area, a restaurant, a row of enclosed phone booths and a gift store. Up to 82 buses per day came through the station.The majority of the building was demolished in 2000 with only the small portion photographed remaining near the entrance to the parking garage.

A photo of the original building can be found at this Tacoma Public Library page http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/images/dt6n.asp?un=15&pg=1&krequest=subjects+contains+Greyhound+Bus+Terminal+and+Tacoma+&stemming=&phonic=&fuzzy=&maxfiles=

And a photo of the restaurant can be found here http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/images/dt6n.asp?un=13&pg=1&krequest=subjects+contains+Greyhound+Bus+Terminal+and+Tacoma+&stemming=&phonic=&fuzzy=&maxfiles=

Tacoma Public Library’s Northwest Room was instrumental in figuring this property out!


Save Our Buses, Proposition 1

 I don’t usually take the bus. Sure, on occasion, maybe to the Puyallup Fair or when my car is in for repair. But my daughter does and she is afraid service will be significantly reduced if Proposition 1 doesn’t pass during the Pierce County general election on February 8, 2011. Pierce Transit (the folks that run the buses) receives 70% of its funding from local sales tax and because of the recession, sales tax is down. Fair increases, reductions in routes and layoffs have already occurred, but if Proposition 1 does not pass, an additional 35% of the current level of service will be eliminated.

What is the financial impact to my family? On a $10 purchase, we will pay an additional $0.03. What is the real cost impact? My teen daughter will wait longer for bus service, sometimes on dark, cold, rainy evenings. And for other folks? It will be harder to go to their jobs, the doctor, daycare and the grocery store. Like my daughter, folks will have longer waits between buses. Some of these people (those without cars, those with disabilities, etc.) have no other choice.

So my family voted yes for Proposition 1. It just seemed like the right thing to do for the most people.

Additional information can be found here. http://www.piercetransit.org/pdfs/Prop1_FactSheet_Dec10.pdf


Today’s new place is the Lakewood Transit Center, near the Lakewood Town Center shopping area.