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Best Burgers

10581240103_541d061a35_bBest Burgers at 7714 Custer Road in Lakewood is a mom & pop hamburger stand that has been around for a long time. It opened in August 1990 by a couple with the last name of best. They are well know for their friendly service and I enjoyed my cheeseburger and fries a great deal. And my dogs enjoyed the leftovers! Their Facebook Page is here.

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DeLong’s DeLuxe, Lakewood

8659910840_b67d8d9884_z(2)DeLong’s DeLuxe at 8901 Bridgeport Way is Lakewood’s newest burger joint. It opened in February 2013. I stopped in today after a meeting and ordered a fair burger, fries and two milkshakes. The shakes were delicious and I had to throw the fries in the backseat of the car so that dear daughter would actually get some. Service was speedy and pleasant.

EAT at Shake, Shake, Shake

EATDear daughter has been working hard on her mural, so as a treat I took her and her friend out for a meal at the recently opened Shake Shake Shake, 124 North Tacoma Avenue. Dear daughter had the Cheese Griller with a chocolate shake, her friend had the Classic Deluxe Burger with a coconut shake and I had a Tacoma Dog with a frozen latte shake. The service was fast and friendly, the food tasty and the decor a lot of fun. Dear daughter declared her shake, the best she’d ever had. Shake, Shake, Shake opened March 13, 2013. The building was constructed in 1925 as a grocery store and in 1938 became an I.G.A. In 1999 it was converted to a mini mart.

A review can be found here and their Facebook page can be found here.

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Goofy Goose

The Goofy Goose at 3702 6th Ave  Tacoma, WA 98406 is a Tacoma institution. I needed a place to stop for a bite before a meeting and cruised down Sixth Avenue. I didn’t want a chain restaurant or a fancy restaurant, and the Goofy Goose was just right. The man at the counter patiently went over all the options with me and I ordered the smaller cheeseburger meal, which was plenty of food and very tasty. Next time I think I’ll try their Teriyaki.

Legendz is Open This Beautiful Day


There are two fast food places in Tacoma that I would travel to if I really had a craving for a burger and one of them is Legendz at 1201 South Sprague. It is exclusively a drive through with no indoor seating, though there are a couple of tables on the side of the building. For fast food, it is slow. That’s because they are actually waiting until one orders to make it. The burgers are really big and very tasty and thankfully they don’t publish the calorie count! Dear daughter had the fish burger and said it was also really good.


Yikes! Jack In The Box now has the calorie count

I try not to go to fast food restaurants very often, but I was taking a class today and only had an hour for lunch and there was travel time involved. So, Jack in the Box it is! Oh my, they are putting the number of calories next to each menu item! Yikes! So, I guess the bacon ultimate cheeseburger (920 calories), curly fries (280 calories) and a large mint oreo cookie shake (1,310 calories) are out!

I must say that Jack In The Box does have a pretty amusing website!

The one I went to is at 3402 E Pacific Hwy, Fife, WA 98424

Patty’s Burger on South Tacoma Way

So for the first time today, my husband said let’s go find you a new restaurant for lunch so you have your new place of the day. That was so sweet! He had read a good review of Patty’s Burgers, so after seeing The King’s Speech at the Grand, off we went! Patty’s Burgers is a cheerful place with a 50s theme. The service was super friendly and quick. Our burgers and fries would never be mistaken for health food, but they were a tasty treat! Next time I’m trying one of those great looking milkshakes! The TV screen shows photos of people that have tried the ambitious cake burger with 8 hamburger patties.

For a review of Patty’s Burgers go to:

For a list of restaurants where you can buy an extra huge hamburger look here:

5615 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409-4215
(253) 474-0844

Patty’s Burger is located in the South Tacoma Business District. http://southtacomabusinessdistrict.com/