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Jack in the Box, Open Late

Jack in the Box, Open Late

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The first Friday that feels like Spring and we decide to celebrate with milkshakes, one chocolate mint and the other vanilla. This Jack in the Box at 2420 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, is pretty much like the rest. I haven’t gone into this store in forever because, to be honest, it doesn’t feel completely safe to me especially in the evening. But the drive through is fine and the drive through workers are friendly and do a good job.

Yikes! Jack In The Box now has the calorie count

I try not to go to fast food restaurants very often, but I was taking a class today and only had an hour for lunch and there was travel time involved. So, Jack in the Box it is! Oh my, they are putting the number of calories next to each menu item! Yikes! So, I guess the bacon ultimate cheeseburger (920 calories), curly fries (280 calories) and a large mint oreo cookie shake (1,310 calories) are out!

I must say that Jack In The Box does have a pretty amusing website!

The one I went to is at 3402 E Pacific Hwy, Fife, WA 98424