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More – Year 8 – Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church

So here we are on the eve of year 8 of the blog (yes, year 8!) and it seems like it is time for a shift. Over the Summer I started the Adventures of Lego Librarian (Reading in Place) and that has been fun and oddly well received. The best place to see all of that series of photos is Instagram. So this blog will be seeing more of Lego Librarian. But not to fear, I’ll still be out and about!

Looking back at this blog so far, I have some new observations. My most popular posts in order of popularity since inception have been:

The home page is also popular.

There are 1,358 blog entries.

The most popular tag by far is Tacoma, followed by Art, WA, restaurant, park, coffee, Lakewood, historic, mural, vacant, store, food, downtown, University Place, Seattle, grocery, avenue, flowers.

And now today’s place is the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church at their previous location of S G St, Tacoma, WA 98405. It is in the Stadium District, across the street from Wright’s Park and Stadium Thriftway. This building is slatted for demolition with a mixed use development in the works. From what I could gather, there was a fire in the building and afterwards the City of Tacoma did not permit it to be renovated. The congregation of the church has a new location in University Place and their website is here if you want to know more. The nice folks from the church were having a sale which included several pianos, church pews, kitchen items, books, etc. One of the workers was telling me that the building had a seminary on the upper floor and that young men would watch the 4th of July fireworks from the window in their area.

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Art House Cafe

I’ve been meaning to visit Art House Café at 111 North Tacoma Avenue in Tacoma’s Stadium District for ages. And this weekend I finally got around to it. The service was pitch perfect and the food was amazing. I had a bacon and onion stuffed bisquit with an egg on top, It didn’t look huge, but it was so rich and filling that I didn’t finish. The restaurant has charming space with featured art on the walls and an unexpected upstairs with a meeting room. Their website is here.


Beyond the Bluff, Beneath the Bay

mural corner 2“Beyond the Bluff, Beneath the Bay”, by Janice Lee Warren is part of the Tacoma Murals Project. More work by Ms. Warren can be found here. It was painted this year along Stadium Way and replace another mural that had been in place. That mural, featuring sailboats on the bay, had been extensively tagged. The house shown represents the home of “Skookum” Smith who made history by bringing the Northern Pacific rails into Tacoma just one day before the line’s charter expired. While I was out and about, I noticed the mountain was out 🙂

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EAT at Shake, Shake, Shake

EATDear daughter has been working hard on her mural, so as a treat I took her and her friend out for a meal at the recently opened Shake Shake Shake, 124 North Tacoma Avenue. Dear daughter had the Cheese Griller with a chocolate shake, her friend had the Classic Deluxe Burger with a coconut shake and I had a Tacoma Dog with a frozen latte shake. The service was fast and friendly, the food tasty and the decor a lot of fun. Dear daughter declared her shake, the best she’d ever had. Shake, Shake, Shake opened March 13, 2013. The building was constructed in 1925 as a grocery store and in 1938 became an I.G.A. In 1999 it was converted to a mini mart.

A review can be found here and their Facebook page can be found here.

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Franco the Tailor


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Franco the Tailor at 16 North Tacoma Avenue has been in the Stadium District for as long as I can remember. While I haven’t had a chance to go in (they were closed at the time of the photo), my husband has and says good things.

Tacoma Wayzgoose


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Today dear husband and I went off to Wayzgoose Letterpress and Book Arts Extravaganza at King’s Books. The place was packed! I loved walking through the store and visiting each book. Such creativity!


Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt

Gibson's Frozen Yogert by Gexydaf
Gibson’s Frozen Yogert, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt opened on Valentine’s Day 2011 in the Stadium District and tonight after dinner we went there to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break. It was fun and delicious and not very expensive, so what more could we want?

Dear daughter and I sampled almost all of the flavors before going with the French Vanilla, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. Then we added Hot Carmel, Hot Fudge, Strawberries, Maraschino Cherries, Gummy Bears, M&Ms, Walnuts, Whipped Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles (not all items were on both servings!). Then we sat down to eat some serious tastiness. The place wasn’t very crowded when we got there, but by the time we left, it was packed. And both the employees and the customers seemed to really be enjoying themselves. I was glad to see the crowd in hopes that Gibson’s Yogurt is here to stay!

UpdateL 6.16 Sadly Gibson’s was not here to stay. The store closed earlier this year.



Local Treasure, King’s Books

King’s Books is a Tacoma treasure. It’s not the largest bookstore I’ve been in (that would have to be Powell’s in Portland), but they have a great eye towards purchasing, an inviting space and they have made themselves part of the community. King’s is located at 218 St Helens Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and they are open every day from 11 to 7.

Today we went to the Artist Craft Fair and walked away with a darling pair of earrings, some pie on a stick and an interesting new book. But more importantly I walked away with the feeling that in my small little way I was supporting the local community.

Their website is here

An article about the store can be found here

As a side note, I just heard today that one of my other favorite bookstores in Seattle is closing because of the economy. It is so important to support quality local businesses!


Tacoma Little Theater Mural

Tacoma Little Theater Mural

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This is an older photo (when it wasn’t raining) of today’s new place. The mural of a stage with famous characters and scenes is on the side of the Tacoma Little Theatre Building. The property is at 210 N. I Street in the Stadium District and had originally been an auto repair shop. It was sold to the Tacoma Drama League in 1940 and became a theater.

Per information from Tacoma Public Library the Tacoma Little Theatre is one of the oldest community theaters in existence in the United States. A photo of the building from 1960 can be found here.


Information about the theater is at http://www.tacomalittletheatre.com/

The mural was created by Mary Mann, who also did the mural on Stadium Thriftway. Check out her website, she does lovely work!