Great Umbrella Mural at the Storage Box

The Storage Box at 216 Puyallup Ave Tacoma, Washington is getting a splendid new mural by Chris Sharp. Mr. Sharp also did the mural on McKinley Avenue and that write up can be found here

The property began its existence as the George H. Russell Horse Market / Star Stables in 1906. It was also the Lauritzen Tonic Co., John W. Brady Horse Market, Depot Saloon, Efaw Livery, Ingle Garage (which burned in 1923), Square Deal Transfer Co.
(Garford Truck Co.), a storage plant and in 1962 it was approved as a fallout shelter. I went into the building in the 1990s when it was being converted into mini storage and remember the owner saying that it has been used as a house of ill repute. Apparently it was a popular place with the sailors who had shore leave in Tacoma.



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