Local Treasure, King’s Books

King’s Books is a Tacoma treasure. It’s not the largest bookstore I’ve been in (that would have to be Powell’s in Portland), but they have a great eye towards purchasing, an inviting space and they have made themselves part of the community. King’s is located at 218 St Helens Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and they are open every day from 11 to 7.

Today we went to the Artist Craft Fair and walked away with a darling pair of earrings, some pie on a stick and an interesting new book. But more importantly I walked away with the feeling that in my small little way I was supporting the local community.

Their website is here

An article about the store can be found here

As a side note, I just heard today that one of my other favorite bookstores in Seattle is closing because of the economy. It is so important to support quality local businesses!


Good to see you here!