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Cafe Amp

13771281085_4c8f934be9_b(1)There is a new restaurant in the Lincoln District in the previous Jubilee place. It is the Amp Coffee House and Frozen Yogurt, 858 S. 38th St., Tacoma and its been open for a couple of months. I finally stopped in and was impressed at how much it has changed, looking more like a sleek coffee shop that it is and less like a hamburger joint that it was. I ordered a Philly Cheese steak (a real treat) and next time I’m going for a Smitty Burger. I hear there are plans for a drive through and a patio.

The Jubilee sign will be removed as soon as it is feasible.

Their Facebook page can be found here.

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Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/tntdiner/2014/04/04/a-tale-of-the-smitty-burger-and-where-to-find-it-now-that-jubilee-is-no-more/#storylink=cpy

Cafe Elite for an Orangesicle Smoothie

8982560497_d637d9c3ea_bWhile other folks were heading out to happy hour on a warm Friday afternoon, I went to Cafe Elite at 4401 S 19th St, Tacoma, WA ‎for a couple of Orangesicle Smoothies for dear daughter and me. They were delicious! Last year I went to visit the Cafe Elite in Lakewood.


Classic Coffee

A little ways back I purchased a Living Social coupon for Classic Coffee at 7609 Custer Road in Lakewood. It was a buy a $20 coupon for $10 coupon and today I stopped to pick up fruit smoothies for dear daughter and me.


2nd Oldest McDonalds

The McDonald’s at 7217 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98408 has a duel entrance for their drive through. I assume that it helps the traffic flow and allows for even more customers. This location was the site of Tacoma’s second McDonald’s, built in 1963 and remodeled in 1977. I remember in 2005 they demolished the building and built the current structure which is larger, has more features and has the before mentioned double drive through.


TACOMA WA 98408-7114

The Ugly Bean

The Ugly Bean at 919 North 2nd Street in the Stadium District is fun. The drive through window guy had a big smile and my iced Americano was really very good.  I was a tad worried about going through the drive through since it looked like the exit was at a weird angle, but it really was no problem. After reading their Yelp review there are a couple of things I’d like to go back and try.

Legendz is Open This Beautiful Day


There are two fast food places in Tacoma that I would travel to if I really had a craving for a burger and one of them is Legendz at 1201 South Sprague. It is exclusively a drive through with no indoor seating, though there are a couple of tables on the side of the building. For fast food, it is slow. That’s because they are actually waiting until one orders to make it. The burgers are really big and very tasty and thankfully they don’t publish the calorie count! Dear daughter had the fish burger and said it was also really good.


Today’s Soup Tomato Basil

Today’s Soup Tomato Basil
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Forza is a relatively small chain with 23 locations and today I stopped at the Forza at 1202 S Union St., Tacoma, WA 98438. I met a dear friend and we had coffee and visited. Twas a lovely after work event.


Update: This Forza location closed in early 2012 and the space is available for lease.