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2nd Oldest McDonalds

The McDonald’s at 7217 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98408 has a duel entrance for their drive through. I assume that it helps the traffic flow and allows for even more customers. This location was the site of Tacoma’s second McDonald’s, built in 1963 and remodeled in 1977. I remember in 2005 they demolished the building and built the current structure which is larger, has more features and has the before mentioned double drive through.


TACOMA WA 98408-7114

A lovely day for Big Foot Coffee

Apparently it is a mini quest to go to all of the coffee shops and stands in Tacoma! There are 26 Big Foot locations, two of which are in Tacoma. This is the Highland Hills location at 5921 6th Avenue South. The iced coffee was good and the service was fast and friendly.


Starbuck’s Drive Thru


This Starbucks is the new place of the day for 9/25/10. Since I can’t think of anything to say about another Starbucks, I’m including as a bonus feature a photo of my dogs! Enjoy!