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Cafe Elite for an Orangesicle Smoothie

8982560497_d637d9c3ea_bWhile other folks were heading out to happy hour on a warm Friday afternoon, I went to Cafe Elite at 4401 S 19th St, Tacoma, WA ‎for a couple of Orangesicle Smoothies for dear daughter and me. They were delicious! Last year I went to visit the Cafe Elite in Lakewood.


Cafe Elite looks like a coffee pot

Coffee Elite is a drive through espresso stand at 7214 Bridgeport Way in Tacoma. It has a very fun coffee pot shape. Dear daughter and I had successfully gotten through dentist appointments and since it was over 90 degrees we thought we needed a cold treat — a raspberry/strawberry smoothy for her and an orange creamcicle one for me. They were great!




Bubble Tea Shop

Today I had parental obligations and found myself near the University of Washington Tacoma campus. I took the first parking spot I came to and found myself in front of the recently opened Bubble Tea Shop at 1712 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma. It was great to see a new business along the strip. We enjoyed our bubble teas and thought the shop had the coolest black tables.