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Tacoma’s School of the Arts

9466911043_151f2c24a6_c(1)So it seemed appropriate on my dear daughter’s last full day with us for a while to go visit her old school to pick up her most excellent high school transcripts. School of the Arts (SOTA) has both administrative space and classrooms in the old Post Office.



A flying saucer at Tacoma’s School of the Arts Building

18181818 Tacoma Avenue had been one of Tacoma School of the Art locations for years, but they have left it in favor of the downtown post office building. The best thing about the building is the planters with student art work. I thought my photo was a tad dull so I added a frame and a flying saucer! A not edited (i.e. boring) photo is below, as is a close up of one of the planters.



Bubble Tea Shop

Today I had parental obligations and found myself near the University of Washington Tacoma campus. I took the first parking spot I came to and found myself in front of the recently opened Bubble Tea Shop at 1712 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma. It was great to see a new business along the strip. We enjoyed our bubble teas and thought the shop had the coolest black tables.


Science and Art Institute (SAMI)

SAMI is a Tacoma Public School located in the lovely Point Defiance Park. The facility itself isn’t much to speak off, though there are some nice artistic touches. SAMI’s website says “The Science and Math Institute creates an inclusive high school learning community that provides integrated, inquiry-based experiences utilizing our natural and community resources, combining science, mathematics, and the arts.

The Science and Math Institute opens in the fall of 2009 as Tacoma School District’s newest public high school for students beginning their ninth grade year. SAMI will grow into a full four year high school with the 2009-2010 freshmen class.”


The Furniture Series

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Today’s new place of the day was the School of the Art’s Theater in the Ted Brown Building. We saw the Furniture Series and it was excellent. I have to confess that I just didn’t get a good photo while I was there and it was in appropriate to photograph the performance, so I took a photo of the program cover afterward.