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WSU Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center

IMG_3829Washington State University in Pullman has a Bear Research, Education and Conservation Center that I finally got to visit when I dropped dear daughter off for her next year of college. We got to see five (maybe six) grizzly bears in their enclosures. I was hoping to see them in their larger, outdoor area (and it would have made for a better photo), but not this time. Bears that are capable of living in the wild are not situated at the center. It was a real treat to see the bears at such a close range and I couldn’t help but to notice that other people would stop by the center to spend a little time with them. More information can be found here.


Pierce College. Possibilities. Realized.

10787338136_059e3549ba_bI was at Pierce College Puyallup at 1601 39th Avenue SE, Puyallup, Washington 98374 for a meeting today. I had never been on this campus before, but it looking over their website, they have some interesting continuing ed classes.

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Lister Elementary School

 10485107495_29fb4d9868_bLister Elementary School at  2106 East 44th Street, Tacoma, WA  98404 is really a nice looking school that was built in 1996 (maybe 1997). The history of the school, which was gleaned from For The Record a History of Tacoma Public Schools, 1869-1984, is interesting. The school is located in the Salishan neighborhood, which had its origins as worker housing during World War II. The federal government paid for the original 1943, eight room school in the area, which was known as Salishan School. By 1948 the school had double the number of intended students and split shifts for the students were occurring. A new 24 room school was within two weeks of completion in 1950, when it burnt to the ground. The school was again built and opened in the fall of 1950. At that time, it was the largest elementary school in the Tacoma School District. In the For the Record book, the Citizen’s Committee for School Facilities Planning recommended demolition of the 1950 structure. That building was indeed demolished in the mid 1990s and the present day school pictured above was constructed. Lister’s mascot is a lion.


A flying saucer at Tacoma’s School of the Arts Building

18181818 Tacoma Avenue had been one of Tacoma School of the Art locations for years, but they have left it in favor of the downtown post office building. The best thing about the building is the planters with student art work. I thought my photo was a tad dull so I added a frame and a flying saucer! A not edited (i.e. boring) photo is below, as is a close up of one of the planters.



Foss Waterway Seaport

Foss Waterway Seaport by Gexydaf

This evening I went to a function at the Foss Waterway Seaport at 705 Dock Street, Tacoma. The museum aims to be the Puget Sound’s premier maritime education and recreation center. It features exhibit space, a Discovery Wharf (children’s activity area), guest moorage (closed for repair) and meeting spaces.


Tacoma Public Schools, CAB

Tacoma Public Schools, CAB

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Tacoma Public School houses most of its administrative functions out of building at 601 S. 8th St. The original part of this building was constructed in1912 and in December 2010 it was placed on Tacoma’s historic register. For more information see http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=1889351&more=0

The architect was Frederick Heath who also designed:

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=2012 Oakland School

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1961 Urban Grace

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1335 Titlow Lodge

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=2370 Tacoma Public School’s CAB

The architectural style of the building is Collegiate Gothic.  The 8 story building was originally known as the Central School and it functioned as Tacoma’s first high school.

To see how the building looked in 1919, go here