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Tacoma Central Police Substation

Today I took a quick stop at the Tacoma Central Police Substation, Sector One at 1524 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.  What attracted me to the building was the stones in a metal cage art, of which there are at least three.  I’m not finding information on them, though they seem to be designed to be educational.  I did find this document about other art at local police stations.





Tacoma Public Schools, CAB

Tacoma Public Schools, CAB

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Tacoma Public School houses most of its administrative functions out of building at 601 S. 8th St. The original part of this building was constructed in1912 and in December 2010 it was placed on Tacoma’s historic register. For more information see http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=1889351&more=0

The architect was Frederick Heath who also designed:

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=2012 Oakland School

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1961 Urban Grace

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1335 Titlow Lodge

http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=2370 Tacoma Public School’s CAB

The architectural style of the building is Collegiate Gothic.  The 8 story building was originally known as the Central School and it functioned as Tacoma’s first high school.

To see how the building looked in 1919, go here