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Pierce College. Possibilities. Realized.

10787338136_059e3549ba_bI was at Pierce College Puyallup at 1601 39th Avenue SE, Puyallup, Washington 98374 for a meeting today. I had never been on this campus before, but it looking over their website, they have some interesting continuing ed classes.

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Welcoming Figure at Evergreen

LadyEvergreen State College gained a Welcoming Figure by Andy Wilbur-Peterson of the Skokomish Tribe and Greg Colfax of the Makah Tribe. More of Andy Wilbur-Peterson’s work can be seen here and there is more information to be found on the artist here. Information on Greg Colfax can be found here. The statue was constructed in 1987 and the statue stands 12′ tall.

Bookin’ at Washington State University


I dropped my dear daughter off at Washington State University to begin her adventures as a college student. Yes, that was just as hard as it sounds. While there, she told me that I could have one photo and that it would be in front of the book statue by the library. (She’s kind of bossy like that!). Bookin’ by artist Terry Allen was installed on the Terrell Mall in 2006. Terry Allen’s website can be found here.


The Field House at UPS



This evening the family went to the Field House at the University of Puget Sound at 3326 North 11th Street, Tacoma. While there was a volleyball practice going on, we were there for a college fair. The building was constructed in 1948 and was host to some rocking groups in the 1960s including The Beach Boys, Elvis, Dusty Springfield, The Rascals, Ray Charles, the Steve Miller Band, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night.

Pacific Lutheran University, Ingram Hall

Per Wikipedia “Ingram Hall is home to a communication computer lab, a digital photography/graphic design lab, and studio art classrooms for painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and printmaking. Ingram boasts two galleries: the University Gallery (which houses major shows and exhibitions) and the Wekell Gallery (which generally houses student and class work).”

I was there with my group to hear Stephanie Cootz speak and she was terrific. http://www.stephaniecoontz.com/


Tacoma Community College Library

Yesterday I had a meeting at Tacoma Community College (TCC) and while there I stopped at the library. It had a wonderful, comfortable ambiance with plenty of study carrels, tables and of course resources.



I guess we’ve reached that stage of life where we are looking at colleges. Today is my dear daughter’s birthday and we celebrated by going to visit DigiPen Institute of Technology at 9931 Willows Rd NE  Redmond, WA 98052. Digipen has five undergraduate degree programs

The Undergraduate Degree Programs are:

  • BFA in Digital Art and Animation
  • BA in Game Design
  • BS in Computer Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation
  • BS in Computer Engineering
  • BS in Game Design

So, it is a pretty narrow focus, but they have a great reputation for what they do.


Cherie Priest@Garfield Book Company

Today my dear daughter and I went to an author event at Garfield Books at208 Garfield st, Parkland, WA, 98442. The delightful Cherie Priest was there to talk about her new books, living in Seattle and an extensive variety of other topics. Dear daughter and I had read her Boneshaker and just loved it! The book is in the Steampunk genre and has determined characters in an alternate history version of Seattle. Her website is here http://www.cheriepriest.com/

The bookstore itself has a thoughtful selection of books, as well as a sundry items that college students might need. http://luteworld.plu.edu/


Update: Garfield Books closed in the fall of 2016. I hear that the students can purchase books at a new store in the PLU Library.

University of Washington Tacoma

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Happy Monday 9/13/10! Today I pulled into the University of Washington Tacoma, which is in Tacoma’s historic warehouse district. It’s an older photo, but today’s check in and new place of the day.

This link provides a great deal of information about the historic buildings in this district that houses the University of Washington, Tacoma’s School of the Arts, private businesses, a courthouse and museums (art, history, glass).

Click to access walking_tour.pdf

Information about UWT is here http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/