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Edible Book Festival at the Collins Memorial Library at UPS

8612732922_ca0d1afc7f_bThe Edible Book Festival took place in the Collin Memorial Library at the University of Puget Sound. My favorite was Jello Pages, which was covered in a cheerful yellow jello. It was all I could do not to tap it to see it wiggle 😀

Below are photos of the one day exhibit and some of the exhibits. The art includes Little Men (with small gingerbread men), Ketchup in the Rye, Who is Afraid of Virginia Ham and Moveable Feast (the banana). There is also a photo of the library (interior and exterior) and the bound periodicals entrance. The last one lead to an interesting conversation about old fashioned library practices. The library was constructed in 1954.


The Coolest Basement at Casablanca Apartments

8486085817_f4d0cd6cce_zThe Casablanca Apartment at 720 North 2nd, Tacoma was originally constructed in 1890, but was significantly remodeled or rebuilt in 1944 by Ray Gamble. The building’s original name was the Lincoln Apartments. During the 18 year (yes, 18 years!) remodel, Mr. Gamble designed the basement level of the building based on tiles he had collected on his international travels. The three story building has 30 units. In the 1960s Mr. Gamble turned over the income from the property to the University of Puget Sound for use as scholarship money.

Tacoma Public Library’s Page on the property includes additional information and photos.




The Field House at UPS



This evening the family went to the Field House at the University of Puget Sound at 3326 North 11th Street, Tacoma. While there was a volleyball practice going on, we were there for a college fair. The building was constructed in 1948 and was host to some rocking groups in the 1960s including The Beach Boys, Elvis, Dusty Springfield, The Rascals, Ray Charles, the Steve Miller Band, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night.

The Gardner Fountain at the University of Puget Sound

This lovely burbling fountain is located at the University of Puget Sound. Their website says “Commonly known as the Jones fountain, Hilton Bowen Gardner Memorial Fountain was added to campus during the 1967-68 academic year.  Mr. Gardner, who passed away in 1961, was university attorney and a member of the University of Puget Sound Board of Trustees.  Mr. Gardner’s wife and son both graduated from Puget Sound.”


Food for Fines

This delightful poster was discovered at the University of Puget Sound (UPS) Student Center. I love the idea of trading cans for the local food bank against library fines. I was at the student center to meet some friends for dinner. What a great deal dinner is there! I had a freshly grilled hamburger with curly fries and a soda for about $6.00.

Kilworth Memorial Chapel at the UPS

UPS Church by Gexydaf

The Kilworth Memorial Chapel at the University of Puget Sound was dedicated March 9, 1967. The bell at Kilworth Chapel was cast in 1718 in Sheffield, England and had been a signal bell on the steamship Frontier.