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The Coolest Basement at Casablanca Apartments

8486085817_f4d0cd6cce_zThe Casablanca Apartment at 720 North 2nd, Tacoma was originally constructed in 1890, but was significantly remodeled or rebuilt in 1944 by Ray Gamble. The building’s original name was the Lincoln Apartments. During the 18 year (yes, 18 years!) remodel, Mr. Gamble designed the basement level of the building based on tiles he had collected on his international travels. The three story building has 30 units. In the 1960s Mr. Gamble turned over the income from the property to the University of Puget Sound for use as scholarship money.

Tacoma Public Library’s Page on the property includes additional information and photos.




No longer the UnSafeway, I guess

Today I stopped at the recently remodeled Safeway in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. It is nicer than it was and it was also well maintained. Because it is the smallest Safeway in Tacoma there are none of the amenities that the larger Safeways have (bakery, Starbucks, deli, floral, etc.). The cashier I had was pleasant, but the shopping experience was not enhanced by the teen aged boys in the store strutting, posturing and cursing. And one of the adult customers was yelling at one of the cashiers.

1112 S. M St.
Tacoma, WA 98405
Store Phone: 253-627-8840

Here is a review of the store after the remodel.