The Flower House on Vassault

The flower house at 3725 Vassault Street always makes me smile. Year after year (except for 2009 because of illness) the owners of this house go all out with flowers, lots and lots of flowers. Duc Pham has created this amazing garden after leaving his native Vietnam in the 1970s. To read more, go to an article on the Tacoma News Tribune website and also an excellent blog entry (thanks for the referral Lisa!).


2 thoughts on “The Flower House on Vassault

  1. Carol Mann

    Have you seen this house lately? Sadly it has fallen in disrepair. Do you know anything about the gentleman who lived here?

  2. admin Post author

    Sorry, I haven’t been by and don’t know the man who lived there. You might be able to find the owner at the Pierce Co. Assessor’s Office.

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