Chambers Creek Labyrinth

10432192875_dc0ec30186_hI really needed to stretch my legs and for a couple of minutes it wasn’t foggy, so I sent off to see the Chambers Bay Labyrinth off of 64th Street. The labyrinth is based on the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France. At first I saw no discernible pattern, but after a while it became apparent and I walked its twisting ways to the center. More information on the labyrinth can be found here. And the worldwide labyrinth locator can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “Chambers Creek Labyrinth

  1. Kate Lynch

    Thanks for this! Ariel the wonderdog and I will be checking this out later today! The college I worked for in Arizona had a labyrinth storytelling festival for several years. A mythology class planted a sweet pea labyrinth in the lawn. Wonderful to walk barefooted.

  2. Marian Swanson

    Loved seeing your post about chambers Creek Labyrinth – I was the PR part of the committee that helped get it built. It is a place of peace and comfort and a welcome addition to my committee. I miss the daisies surrounding the labyrinth’s west side- they were so pretty over the lst couple years, not sure why they cut them completely out. ….to find more labyrinths visit The Labyrinth Society’s Labyrinth Locator- enter any city or state and enjoy the adventure of walking more labyrinths. I was most fascinated when I lst walked the labyrinths at harmony Hill Cancer Retreat in Union Wa, near Belfair and across from Hoods Canal. It was about 2000 and ever since them, I have found and followed them in walk and in my heart. enjoy the journey and keep walking. “you do not choose to work with the labyrinth, the labyrinth chooses you…..and so begins a love affair to find them wherever I go.

  3. Gloria Smith

    Marian Swanson has been an inspiration for me to continue to walk labyrinths since we shared time at Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Center. Many Thanks to the support Marian has provided for our community.

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