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Welcoming Figure at Evergreen

LadyEvergreen State College gained a Welcoming Figure by Andy Wilbur-Peterson of the Skokomish Tribe and Greg Colfax of the Makah Tribe. More of Andy Wilbur-Peterson’s work can be seen here and there is more information to be found on the artist here. Information on Greg Colfax can be found here. The statue was constructed in 1987 and the statue stands 12′ tall.

Evergreen Postal Station

Note:  This is an older New Place of the day that I had to redo!  Sorry about that 🙂

Today’s new place of the day, 9/15/10, was the Evergreen Postal Station in Tacoma near the Tacoma Mall.  This post office stays open until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and is also open from 9 – 3 on Saturday, making it convenient for working folks.  Everytime I’ve gone in here, the employees have been effecient and friendly.