Epic Mural in Puyallup

8620091265_44c58141f9_bI was driving around the other day and found this terrific mural 2914 East Main Avenue. It is a Trompe-l’œil style and I was tempted to drive on through to the beautiful mountain sunrise. But of course that would be a bad idea. I think the building is used as apartments. There is a sign on one of the doors that says “Due to the recent thefts, the upstairs tenant has been instructed to shoot … then call police“.


8 thoughts on “Epic Mural in Puyallup

  1. Rob

    It is a great mural. I live just around the corner from it. Been wondering what the “Epic” label is about.

  2. hubert39

    Wow, this is the second copy of the Tunnel Vision is Columbia, SC.
    The original was painted in 1974 by the artist Blue Sky.

  3. Diana Cook Woods

    This mural was “stolen” from the original artist Blue Sky. The ORIGINAL mural was painted in Columbia SC. We are very proud of Blue Sky’s original works displayed all over Columbia and other cities in and around SC. Wondering if this was reproduced with any sort of permission from Blue Sky?? …

  4. Robert Gregory

    The bottom floor eventually opened as a coffee shop that also served soup and sandwiches. It close about 18 months later, unfortunately. There is an apartment upstairs.

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