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DeLong’s DeLuxe, Lakewood

8659910840_b67d8d9884_z(2)DeLong’s DeLuxe at 8901 Bridgeport Way is Lakewood’s newest burger joint. It opened in February 2013. I stopped in today after a meeting and ordered a fair burger, fries and two milkshakes. The shakes were delicious and I had to throw the fries in the backseat of the car so that dear daughter would actually get some. Service was speedy and pleasant.

Cafe Elite looks like a coffee pot

Coffee Elite is a drive through espresso stand at 7214 Bridgeport Way in Tacoma. It has a very fun coffee pot shape. Dear daughter and I had successfully gotten through dentist appointments and since it was over 90 degrees we thought we needed a cold treat — a raspberry/strawberry smoothy for her and an orange creamcicle one for me. They were great!




Pho PQ

Dear daughter told me that she had to eat veggie fried rice from Pho PQ at 10706 Bridgeport Way in Lakewood. She had been there with her friend and declared it delicious. So I ordered dinner to go and it was indeed delicious and there is plenty for lunch tomorrow. I told the counter guy who ran me up that it was my first time there and he smiled and said, see you tomorrow! I do so like an optimist!

Tea at Green Spot, University Place


One of my favorite group of friends gathered today at Green Spot Tea and Art Gallery at 3318 Bridgeport Way University Place, WA 98466. For lunch I had a pot of Ginger Tea ($2.00), a Verrrry Spicy Ranch and Grilled Chicken ($6.50) and a key lime tart ($3.00) for a grand total of $11.50. That is a lot of great food for the price! And I brought 1/2 the wrap back home with me.

I really like the decor at the Green Spot, it has clean lines and not a bunch of cute clutter like many tea stores. The hanging show of fabric based art was lovely.

The Green Spot’s Web Site can be found here: http://www.greenspottea.com/

Update: I went past today (8/20/12) and it was gone. Looks like a wine bar is moving in